Containership fires have long been an issue of concern for marine insurers, while IUMI comments that the current SOLAS regulations don't keep up with the development of the vessels, their complexities or with ways to deal with larger and more dangerous fires.

Moreover, IUMI believes that unless this challenge is addressed at the IMO, the severity of containership fires are most likely to increase.

Thus, Gard's Are Solum, Senior Claims Executive, Lawyer, highlighted that a solution to deal with containership fires is the "Cargo Conundrum", which is manufacturing, declaring, booking, securing, packing and accepting cargo for safe transport.

In addition, another solution proposed was the regulatory review and improvement of technical requirements for fire detection and fire response

In the meantime, he talked about technology available to deal with the fires, such as:

  • temperature monitoring in cargo holds and individual containers
  • Water spray/mist in connection with CO2 in cargo holds
  • Remote fire fighting inside containers
  • Active fire fighting on deck: water curtains, water screens, fixed water monitors

Concluding, Mr Solum stated that it is important to deal with fires to better protect the safety of vessels and their crew and bear enormous losses.