The ice resistant self-propelled platform (IRSPP) «North Pole» is designed for twelve-month scientific research practice in high latitudes of the Arctic Ocean.

The vessel has a high hull strength Arc8, fuel endurance about 2 years, a service life not less than 25 years, while it can accommodate to 14 persons and 48 scientific stuff.

Overall, the self-propelled platform (IRSPP) will feature:

  • 67,8 m in length;
  • 22,5 m in breadth;
  • 7500 tons displacement ;
  • Capacity of propulsion equipment not more than 3600 kW;
  • Speed not less than 10 knots.

The platform will be able to operate throughout the year with integrated equipment, making geological, acoustic, geophysical and oceanographic investigations. It will also be capable of moving on the ice without any ice-breaker help.

According to the contract, the platform will be handed over in 2020.