The new campaign targets to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing at sea. It provides North P&I Club’s members and their crew with a resources and support materials to protect their emotional wellbeing at sea and it guides on where to access additional help if needed.


The resources include a new confidential helpline, Mind Call, provided in cooperation with ISWAN. Mind Call is available to crew on board North entered vessels and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Mind Call team speaks several languages, while seafarers can access the helpline through email and live chat.

North P&I Club’s Mind Matters campaign was developed as a response to the rising number of mental health related incidents on board entered vessels, over the last years.

Mental health and emotional wellbeing can affect the crew member and their colleagues, leading to poor job performance and a possibly dangerous working environment.

Belinda Ward, head of North’s Personal Injury team, commented on the occasion:

We have recognised that the mental health and emotional wellbeing of seafarers is just as important as their physical wellbeing. Life at sea can be stressful and the nature of the job demands long periods away from family and friends. Our main priority is to provide immediate support for seafarers.