Of the 922 investigations launched in 2017, the type of accidents and incidents included:

  • 216 cases of collision;
  • 182 cases of grounding;
  • 138 cases of fatality/injury (not involved in other types of accidents);
  • 104 cases of contact.


In addition, the marine incidents regarded 113 cases of loss of control, 20 cases of navigation obstruction, 4 cases of safety obstruction, and 3 cases of stranded. The objects of contact were breakwaters in 28 cases, quays in 16 cases, and piers in 12 cases.

marine incidents japan

Credit: JTSB

Types of vessels

The number of vessels involved in marine accidents and incidents was 1,199. By type of vessel, they included:

  • 414 fishing vessels;
  • 280 pleasure boats;
  • 157 cargo ships;
  • 61 tanker;
  • 54 tug boat and push boat.

Moreover, the number of foreign-registered vessels involved in marine accidents and incidents was 58, and they were classified by accident type as follows:

  • 27 vessels in collision;
  • 14 vessels in contact;
  • 7 vessels in grounding.

Regarding the flag of vessels, 17 vessels were registered in Panama, 5 vessels in South Korea, 5 vessels in Belize, and 3 vessels in Hong Kong.

Credit: JTSB

Number of casualties

The total number of casualties was 471, consisting of:

  • 84 deaths;
  • 26 missing persons;
  • 361 injured persons.

As for type of vessel, 132 persons were in fishing vessels and 126 persons in pleasure boats.

Sorted type of accident, 163 persons sustained fatality/injury, 126 persons were involved in collision, 115 persons were involved in contact, 28 persons were involved in capsizing, and 23 persons in grounding.

As far as the number of persons dead or missing is concerned, 59 persons were involved in fishing vessel accidents, 23 persons in pleasure-boat accidents, indicating dead or missing cases took place frequently in fishing vessels.

Credit: JTSB

Investigation reports

Regarding the number of investigation reports of marine accidents and incidents published in 2017, this was 947, including of 825 marine accidents (15 serious) and 122 marine incidents.

Breaking them down by type, the marine accidents included:

  • 223 cases of collision;
  • 201 cases of grounding;
  • 149 cases of fatality/injury;
  • 103 cases of contact.

The marine incidents also included 99 cases of losses of control, (91 cases of navigational equipment failure, seven cases of out-of-fuel, and one case of listing), 10 cases of navigation obstruction, 7 cases of stranded, and 6 cases of safety obstruction.

As for the objects of contact, 26 were breakwaters, 13 were piers, and 12 were quays.

Finally, the number of vessels involved in marine accidents and incidents was 1,244. Breaking them down by type, the marine accidents involved:

  • 362 fishing vessels;
  • 249 pleasure boats;
  • 155 cargo ships;
  • 69 personal water craft.

Credit: JTSB

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