In fact, through their collaboration, both participants will join their forces on finding hybrid electric solutions, while further develop testing and certification.

Moreover, the agreement will boost the maritime industry to choose and adopt hybrid electric propulsion systems.

This collaboration is a significant stride for BH Global towards its goal of delivering environmentally friendly and commercially viable solutions for the local maritime industry, contributing positively to Singapore's push towards reduction of carbon emissions and environmental sustainability in local maritime operations. the Chief Executive Officer of BH Global, Vincent Lim noted.

As the five collaborators informed, all together will offer their knowledge on the project.

Specifically, BOS will provide technical and commercial expertise, Penguin International will design and construct a newbuild hybrid launch boat, while Danfoss and Durapower will enhance the testing and integration process.

At the same time, BV will further review and endorse the test operations. For the records, the hybrid launch is expected to be classed by BV, as a hybrid vessel.

Concluding, the participants aims to advance technologically solutions in order to reduce carbon emissions and benefit Singapore's environmental goals.

We are working collaboratively with Singaporean homegrown companies towards the realization of this goal, putting Singapore on the world map as a global maritime member with the ability to deliver technologically advanced solutions towards the global goal of reducing carbon emissions.

... Mr Vincent Lim concluded.