Firstly, Agricool is an urban agriculture system which is based on recycled containers. It was launched in Paris in 2015, aspiring to create farms. To this result, Agricool by recycling containers aims to grow fruit and vegetables without the use of pesticides.

Several containers are currently being tested, according to CMA CGM's statement.


In the fall of 2018, the CMA CGM Group provided its first support to Agricool by offering technical and logistical support for the delivery and installation of a 'cooltainer' in Dubai.

In December, Agricool reached a €25 million fundraising campaign to finance the industrialization of its innovative project.

Additionally, CMA CGM wishes to support Agricool's development by providing it with its industrial and logistics expertise.

Therefore, the Group is now the main supplier of containers and the primary logistics and supply partner of this young company.

This collaboration is part of the innovation support strategy implemented by Rodolphe Saadé, Chairman and CEO of the CMA CGM Group, through equity investments and ambitious commercial partnerships with start-ups with strong entrepreneurial values and innovative industrial projects.

Concluding, in Paris, Agricool grows strawberries by saving 90% of water and nutrients compared to classical agricultural methods and uses renewable energy only. These strawberries contain an average of 20% sugar and 30% vitamin C more than retail store strawberries.