Speaking at the UN Global Compact, Rodolphe Saadé recalled the CMA CGM Group commitment for a more balanced globalization, which contributes to economic and social development, whilst respecting humanity and protecting the planet.

He made two major announcements:

  • CMA CGM's energy supplies will include 10% alternative fuels by 2023;
  • CMA CGM's 2050 objective is to be Carbon Neutral.

This is a new step for our Group, which is on track to reduce by 40% its CO2 emissions per tonne transported per km by 2030, a target set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO)

he added.

During 2019, CMA CGM reduced its total CO2 emissions by 6%. These reductions were made possible due to technological innovations implemented and an improved management of vessels operations.

In 2020, the company will also launchthe new 23,000 TEU LNG-powered vessels. These vessels will have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by about 20%, while they will suppress almost all sulphur and fine particle emissions.