Friday, April 23, 2021

CMA 2019 Interviews

Connectivity, safety onboard, cyber security, sustainable future, e-navigation, 2020 sulphur cap and BWM are few of the many challenges that the maritime industry is facing today. During CMA Shipping Conference 2019, which took place 2-4 April, in Stamford, Connecticut, USA, SAFETY4SEA was there, conducting video interviews with global experts to feel the pulse of how shipping can find itself in a sea of change.

Safety onboard

Seafarers are in need of quality medical care in any part of the world

Natalya Butakova, Business Development Manager, AP Companies

Cultural change is vital for effective bridge management onboard

Capt. Bob Hall, Managing Partner, MARPOL Training Institute

Cultural change is needed to encourage seafarers on mental health issues

Jan Webber, Director of Development, The Mission to Seafarers

VR to bring many benefits in ship officers’ training

Joseph Pitcher, Global Sales Director, KVH- Videotel

How weather forecasting and routing enhance safety at sea

Keith Wagner, Director of Maritime Operations, Senior Meteorologist, Weather Routing

Company culture important for attracting the next generation in shipping

Adam Diaz, Lead Consultant – Shipping Division, Faststream Recruitment Group

Assessing safety culture implementation in shipping

Joseph E.M. Hughes, Chairman & CEO, The American Club

Shipping industry is moving forward with addressing seafarers’ health issues

Christina DeSimone, CEO, Future Care

2020 Sulphur Cap

Key considerations toward 2020 sulphur cap compliance

Tim Wilson, Principal Specialist Fuels Lubes and Emissions, Lloyd’s Register

Consistent implementation to be the key challenge on 2020 sulphur cap

Nicholas S. Makar, Regulatory Affairs Advisor, International Registries, Inc.

Scrubbers remain a viable solution in the long run

Andreas Breeger, Head of Maritime, Bilfinger Engineering & Technologies GmbH, & Scott Leitko, Transformation Manager, Bilfinger Industrial Services USA

Prior knowledge about the quality of new fuels is essential in 2020

Michael Green, Global Technical Manager, Intertek ShipCare

Testing of new fuels is vital amid 2020 sulphur cap

Steve Bee, Group Commercial Director, VPS

Economics of LNG as a marine fuel will continue to evolve

Eric S. Linsner, General Manager, International Registries, Inc.

Clarifying issues regarding open-loop scrubbers

Nicholas Confuorto, President & Chief Operations Officer, CR Ocean

How new low Sulphur fuels from 2020 onwards will challenge shipping

Charlotte Røjgaard, Global Technical Manager for Marine Fuels, Bureau Veritas

Sustainable Future

Methanol can be an ‘e-fuel’ for the future of shipping

Gregory Dolan, CEO, The Methanol Institute

Nanotechnology in maritime: Key applications and benefits

Russel Chew, Executive Chairman, NanoVapor

Industry needs to focus on achieving its emissions reduction goals

Kevin Humphreys, Segment Sales General Manager, Wärtsilä

Industry needs balance between safety and environmental regulations

Dr. William H. Moore, Senior Vice President, Global Loss Prevention Director, The American Club

What the key challenges for shipping are

Harun Duzgoren, Executive Director Business Development & Strategy, Subsea Global Solutions

Maritime industry needs to integrate women in all levels

Boriana Farrar, Senior Claims Executive / Business Development Director, Americas – V.P, The American Club

Ballast Water Management

Proper planning can save time during a BWTS retrofit

Andrew Marshall, Vice President of Business Development, Ecochlor

BWMC: Regulation demands and treatment standards remain challenging issues

Giles Candy, Business Development, Envirocleanse

Key challenges for the operators when selecting a BWTS

Mats Christensen, Sales Manager, TeamTec Oceansaver

Understanding the BWTS maker is important

Håkan Persson, Manager Business Development & Marketing, Alfa Laval

Need for crew training on BWMS

Birgir Nilsen, VP of Business Development, Optimarin


Connectivity is essential in the era of smart shipping

Paul Comyns, VP of Global Marketing, Intellian Technologies

Connectivity and IoT are the key components in the smart era

Elizabeth Jackson, Chief Marketing Officer, KVH-Videotel

How communication promotes trust between ship and shore

Kyriakos Papapolydorou, Head of Business Development, World Link Communications


ECDIS remain a complicated topic for ship operators

Matthew Wood, National Sales Manager, Furuno USA

Cyber Security

Focusing on cyber security is a key priority for shipping industry

Joe Woods, Vice President Business Development, ABS


Shipping industry sees digital transformation as critical

Tim Strudwick, CFO, Veson Nautical

Technology needs a balance between customer needs and compliance

Ian Bowles, Sales Manager USA, Raytheon

How implementing digitalization internally can provide many benefits

Sergio Garcia, Manager, DNV GL Maritime

Autonomy to have a big impact on maritime industry

Jaquelyn E.P. Burton, Product Advisor Vessel Automation, Kongsberg Maritime

Collaboration is vital for a digital future in shipping

Bastian Gehnke, Product Manager, Navis

How technology can enhance opportunities in shipping

Vlasis Papapanagis, Sales Director, MarineTraffic