Unblocking Blockchain

Blockchain has shaken ground in maritime and logistics, for providing transparency and reducing complexity and costs. In 2018:

Automation- The way forward


Ship autonomy marked further steps in 2018; on top of that, IMO MSC 100 approved the framework and methodology for regulatory scoping exercise on autonomous ships.

Drones are here to stay

Industries showed increased interest in drones last year, mainly due to relaxation of stringent regulations around their use, while shipping mostly embraced drones in maritime surveillance and ports. In 2018, the EU Parliament approved new rules for drones’ operation, ISO issued first set of global standards for drones and EU initiated the European network for drone demonstration projects.

Furthers steps on cyber security

2018 validated the ‘cyber threat’ trend, which came at the forefront after the Maersk cyber breach in 2017. Operators as COSCO, ports as Barcelona and San Diego, as well shipbuilders like Austal, entered the list of cyber victims. So how the industry responded to this emerging threat?