SAFETY4SEA: What have you learned over the course of your career at sea?

Capt Ayse Asli Basak: I learned how to be strong physically and mentally against challenges at sea and solve the problems of the ship in a quick way. Because you may not have long time to take the action in emergencies.

S4S: What is the biggest challenge that you have to face on board?

Capt. A.A.B.: Once we were embarking to our vessel in a crew change in South Africa out of port limit, we had a big near miss situation and our boat went to under the ship and was about to sink due to bad weather at 40 nm away from ashore. This was my first contract as an Officer and I said to myself that “OK, challenges are starting now, what is next?!”

S4S: What has been the most extraordinary thing that you have experienced on board?

Capt. A.A.B.: Passing through Canakkale Strait (Dardanelles) which is my hometown, with 57,000 DWT bulk carrier ship and my parents came on board for only 10 minutes during passing time. It was an amazing feeling for me and for them because they never seen me my job on board and it had been 5 months that they never seen me because our vessel was working worldwide. I felt so much motivated when I saw my Mom and her hand made cookies!

S4S: What piece of advice would you give to someone thinking a career at sea?

Capt. A.A.B.: Just go for it! I always suggest the students in high school to pursue a career in maritime industry because maritime job is one of the best occupations in the world! If you love sea, if you are curious to see the world and meet new people, especially if you want to represent your country, you must become a sailor.

S4S: What do you miss the most about your seagoing experience?

Capt. A.A.B.: Now I am working as a Port Captain and not sailing on the vessels but attending the vessels at ports and supervising the operations. The most part that I miss is absolutely sailing at ocean. I miss seeing the sea sparkles, listening the sea sound in my night watch and watching the horizon in every sunrise and sunset.


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