SAFETTY4SEA: What do you love the most out of your career at sea?

Deyan Nedelchev: Honestly paid work.
S4S: What have you learned over the course of your career at sea?

D.N.: To work in a team is very important
S4S: How would you describe your daily life at sea/ work in a few words?

D.N.: Hard but very interesting every day
S4S: What is the biggest challenge that you have to face on board?

D.N.: Working with a lot of individuals
S4S: What is your piece of advice to fellow crew members onboard?

D.N.: Be yourself and think before you do something
S4S: What inspires you every day onboard?

D.N.: Every day is a different challenge to overcome
S4S: What has been the most extraordinary thing that you have experienced on board?

D.N.: Seeing the beautiful nature in every corner of the world
S4S: What is the one thing that should change to make life better on board?

D.N.: Less paperwork ...
S4S: What piece of advice would you give to someone thinking a career at sea?

D.N.: It is not for everybody, it is risky and hard, but at the end is very satisfying
S4S: What do you miss the most about your seagoing experience?

D.N.: Connection with family and friends at home


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