Key Figures (China PSC Q1&Q2 2018)

Total Inspections 4,141
Total Deficiencies 15,315
Total Detentions 158
Total Inspections with Def. 3,478
Total Inspections with 5 or more Def. 1,240
Deficiency/ Inspection 3.70
Detention/ 100 Inspections 3.82%
Inspections with Def./ 100 Inspections 83.99%
Inspection with 5 or more Def./ 100 Inspections 29.94%


Source: RISK4SEA

With more than 50 ports and 300 trained PSCOs, China consists a challenging area with respect to safety inspections. Also, the issued ECAs, as per national legislation, create additional challenges for all vessels arriving China. Therefore, ship operators are advised to prepare their vessels arriving in China respectively and pay particular attention to documentation and equipment inspections, in conjunction with detailed drills execution.

source: RISK4SEA


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