SAFETY4SEA: Your organization has been shortlisted for the SMART4SEA Awards in the ‘Cyber Security’ category alongside a number of other distinguished nominees. What would you like to share with industry’s stakeholders with respect to this development?

Peter Schellenberger: We had started to create awareness for this important subject about a year ago when we realized how important it was for all stakeholders to respond to the clear and present danger that cyber security issues represent for shipowners and managers. We did so by a very much coordinated campaign after having defined our total protection package “Seawall Cyber Protection” via many public presentations on Digital Ship and Shipping 2030 events as well as on various social media channels such as LinkedIn. It is always interesting but not always immediately commercially rewarding to be a first mover of such matters in the Maritime Industry. In the aftermath of the Maersk incident we can see that the issue has gained widespread attention.


S4S: What are the key drivers and barriers towards ‘cyber hygiene’ in maritime industry?

P.S: Driver is the now C-Level recognition that it can hit a company anytime and cost will be potentially huge. Unfortunately the willingness to include protection expense as part of OPEX and communication cost is still limited as there is the faint hope that it wouldn’t hit that particular company. Also, even in dedicated IT departments there is still little detail knowledge about options and needs for protection.


S4S: Do you believe that the current regulatory framework is satisfactory to mitigate cyber risks? What could be done to move forward?

P.S: It is today not clear whether and which regulatory body could finally step up for industry wide rules and standards. Closest to this may be BIMCO but we feel we are far away from a general rule framework such as IMO 2020 for these matters.


S4S: Do you have any new projects on the pipeline and/or plans that you would like to share with the rest of the industry?

P.S: As 70% of cyber security incidents are (knowingly or unknowingly) crew induced we are now focusing on captivating and affordable online training courses for crew and shore staff with certification. Further we look into damage intervention packages and cyber security insurance basic protection packages. Watch this space.


S4S: What is your key message to the industry for enhancing cyber awareness to seafarers and ship owners/ operators and manage risk?

P.S: It is just the beginning. It will not go away. Get ready. Take Action.


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The views presented hereabove are only those of the author and not necessarily those of  SAFETY4SEA and are for information sharing and discussion  purposes only.





About Peter Schellenberger

Peter Schellenberger is Managing Director of OSERV Pte Ltd – OSM Maritime’s specialized concept for supply chain management and value-added services. Born German, he has been based in Asia for almost 28 years in various executives positions and countries. An experienced Asia hand, he joined the shipping world many years ago running ship chandling companies. He was then called to head the Asian Supply Chain Organization of the V.Group, their Global Port Agency Portfolio and was Asian representative for Oceanic Catering and Marcas Procurement Pool.