1. Pay attention

Focus on speaker’s speech and body language at the same time; ignore distractions.

2. Be present

Use your own body language and gestures to show actively your interest; i.e. smile, nod.

3. Provide feedback

Show that you understand the speaker by reflecting their feelings, ask questions.

4. Avoid interrupting

Allow the speaker to finish speaking before you make any argument.

5. Be open

Respect the speaker’s opinion even if you don’t agree with it. Work towards a common goal.

6. Keep eye contact

This indicates that you are paying attention and you care about the speaker’s opinion.

7. The "Art of Mirroring"

Show your engagement through matching expressions.

8. Picture what the speaker is saying

Allow your mind to create a mental image of the information you are hearing.

9. Summarize

At the end of a conversation where information is exchanged, conclude with a summary