Even if life onboard a ship is quite different from life ashore, there are some activities you can integrate to your routine to feel more connected with your mates or yourself:

  1. Play board games: Cards, chess, billiard, backgammon are available choices for relaxing time with others.
  2. Arrange a sports day: What is better for mood and body than a Sunday basketball game with your mates?
  3. Play Ping-Pong: We love social sports that keep our brain sharp. Plus benefit: It improves reflexes.
  4. Sing karaoke: Did you know that karaoke activates emotional and psychological neurons of your brain?
  5. Watch films and sports games: Watching a film with others multiplies its value and provokes all kinds of emotions.
  6. Listen to music: Quite simple to do, but it elevates mood, removes anxiety and makes you happier.
  7. Arrange a get-together-event: A party is the perfect chance for interacting free of everyday stress.
  8. Play video games: A shared activity with multiple cognitive and team bonding benefits.
  9. Go to the gym: With company or not, some exercise reduces depression and improves sense of wellbeing.