Kelly Craighead has spent over 15 years in the public and private sectors, recently serving as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Travel and Tourism in the US Department of Commerce where she advanced travel and tourism priorities within the Administration and with Congress.

As the first Executive Director of the National Travel & Tourism Office, Kelly Craighead led initiatives that generated over $250 billion annually from International visitors to the US while also representing the US internationally. She currently remains active in global tourism.

Among her top priorities as President and CEO will be to continue to share the tremendous value and excitement of cruise travel.

I am extremely pleased that Kelly will be joining CLIA to support the global cruise industry during this golden age of cruising. Her extensive experience in the hospitality and travel industries, combined with her leadership skills and passion for results, are second to none. This is an exciting time for our industry, steeped in opportunity and I look forward to working with Kelly in the years to come,

...said Arnold Donald, Global CLIA Chairman and President & CEO of Carnival Corporation & PLC.

Demand for cruising is exhibiting strong growth, making the cruise industry a critical partner to localities, regions and nations around the world. I am excited to be joining such a strong and well-respected organization at an important time for the industry. I look forward to listening, learning, and better understanding the needs of our members and building on the strong foundation,

...stated Mrs. Craighead.

Mrs. Craighead will be taking over the role currently held by Cindy D'Aoust, who in July of this year announced her intent to leave her position by year’s end.

Kelly Craighead was appointed as CLIA President and Chief Executive Officer effective January 1, 2019