In 2017 a total of 1,359 detainable deficiencies were reported relating to 426 detentions, i.e., deficiencies which were serious enough to jeopardise the ship’s seaworthiness, safety of the crew onboard, or to present a threat of harm to the environment and therefore warranted the detention of the ship. The 426 detentions show decrease compared to 471 through 2016.

The deficiencies are categorized below and categories in this figure are based on those of the Tokyo MOU. Deficiencies related to fire safety and life-saving appliances combined accounted for about one-third of the total in 2017.

The next figure shows those items of detainable deficiencies that were reported frequently, in conjunction with the actual detention of ships in the NK fleet.

  • ISM is most frequent detainable deficiencies item continuously from 2015.
  • Lifeboats, emergency fire pumps and fire doors continue to be the major items where most detainable deficiencies were found.

--> Number of Detentions per flag

--> Number of detentions per ship type

--> Number of Detentions per ship's age

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