Accordingly, the collaboration provides ClassNK with actionable insights from community-sourced cyber threat intelligence to reinforce its Cyber Security Guidelines to help prevent cyber incidents from negatively impacting the safety and security of maritime operations.

It is stated that both vessel and shoreside cybersecurity efforts will be under increasing scrutiny starting in 2021.

Hirofumi Takano, Executive Vice President at ClassNK explained that

By joining the MTS-ISAC, we will have increased visibility to current, real-world examples of cyber threats targeting MTS stakeholders.

He added that with the International Maritime Organization's 2021 cyber security regulation is close, commenting that "this relationship is perfectly timed to add increasing value to our stakeholders, and we are excited to be a part of the active and growing MTS-ISAC community.”

To remind, a group of American seaports and maritime stakeholders joined forces and launched the new non-profit, the Maritime Transportation System Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MTS-ISAC), to address cyber security issues and raise awareness on the matter.