This Class Action lawsuit regards Viking Ocean’s knowing and intentional decision to sail the Viking Sky, carrying about 1,000 paying passengers, into dangerous waters and into the path of a massive weather event known as a Bomb Cyclone. During this cyclone, the ship’s engines suffered a complete failure.


According to the Complaint, this weather event was no surprise, but it was properly forecast days in advance by numerous outlets.

Despite the consensus by numerous weather forecasting agencies’ warning of extremely severe winds of Storm 10 gale force capabilities expected in the vessel’s intended and actual path, the vessel left for its voyage on March 21, 2019

The law firm said.

It added that the passengers were not warned of the impending danger, until large waves were rocking the cruise ship.

As forecasted, by the early morning of Saturday, March 23, 2019, the Storm 10 gale force winds and rough seas were battering the vessel so severely that passengers were unable to stand in their staterooms and were being thrown out of their beds; causing various injuries to the passengers.

While sailing through waves of 6 to 8 meters high and winds surpassing hurricane strength, there was an engine failure leaving the vessel unable to navigate. The loss of engines took place in an area called Hustadvika which is known for its dangerous waters.

The Viking Sky crew sent out a distress call after the ship suffered engine failure and remained drifted in rough waters in the Norwegian Sea to within 100 meters of land.

As a result, the law firm seeks any and all damages available, including punitive damages, based on the allegation that Defendant Viking negligently sailed through perilous waters into the path of a Bomb Cyclone where the vessel lost power leaving the vessel adrift.

This reckless conduct caused serious and permanent harm to all those onboard the vessel. Defendants VIKING’s knowing, intentional and reckless conduct subjects Defendant Viking to the imposition of punitive damages

the lawyers stated.