Xinde Technology plans to produce diesel engines with power ranging from 200kW to 1500W

2011.5.4-Cargoship.jpgA new name could be joining the important high speed marine diesel market if Chinese plans reach fruition, and given the growth of the Chinese economy there seems a fair chance of this happening.

Xinde Technology, described as a widely respected China-based designer and manufacturer of internal combustion engines and parts plans to produce non-road high-power diesel engines with power ranging from 200kW to 1,500kW. The compoany says these will be used primarily as marine engines, gensets and other off-road applications, and will include six-, eight-, 12- and 16-cylinder engine series.

According to Dianjun Liu, president and chief executive officer, "The typical current customer wait for these higher powered engines is about is about six months, reflecting a very favourable supply/demand opportunity for us. Our goal is to produce 5,000 to 10,000 of the higher-powered engines annually, potentially generating revenues of RMB one billion ($154,294,793) with profit margins exceeding 20%. We already have begun initial preparation for this project and are aiming to see our first new high-powered products coming off the line in 2012."

Source: The Motorship