The report notes that China is the world’s leading maritime nation, because of its top four ranking in all of the maritime pillars. China’s position is strong on the ports and logistics pillar, with the world’s largest container and bulk ports.


USA is second, with high scores on all four dimensions, followed by Japan. Germany, Norway and South Korea, are in 4th. Germany is its consistent, with a top 5 spot in three categories, while Norway is strong in Maritime Finance & Law and maritime technology. South Korea leads in Maritime Technology and is among the top 10 in Shipping and Ports & logistics.


These results show that the countries rankings mirror their national economies, however smaller countries such as Norway, South Korea, and Greece  can have an  influence to the maritime world.

Key findings of the report

  •  China is a gold medalist in shipping scoring the highest in terms of ship owners and managers based in the country with Greece coming ever closer to stealing the lead.
  • United States is outperforming other nations in terms of fleet value, China and Japan closely following
  • China is also a medalist among other benchmarked nations in terms of IMO importance followed by Japan.
  • Germany is the top 5 finalist in shipping due to a strong concentration of market share in terms of fleet size owned and managed by entities based in Germany

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