By 2025, Xinhua news agency reports that China aspires to achieve breakthroughs in green, smart and safe development of major ports. This will be done through enhanced scale at regional and other ports.


In addition, by 2035, major ports should advance to world-class levels and by 2050 various several world-class port clusters must be established, having leading development levels.

More specifically, the guideline sets out 19 major tasks, such as boosting service capacities, advancing low-carbon energy consumption, speeding up intelligent logistics and improving the business environment.

In order to ensure implementation, the guideline called local governments to include port development in regional economic and social planning, and enhance policy support for port projects.

Finally, official data have shown that cargo throughput at China's ports reached 10.3 billion tonnes in the first three quarters, marking an increase of 5.2% year on year.