AMSA Marine Notice 16/2012

2011.5.23- AMSA.jpgAMSA issues Marine Notice 16/2012 to draw the attention of ship operators, masters, officers and crew to changes to the format and renewal of AMSA Certificates of Safety Training (CoST).

New format for certificates

From August 2012, every AMSA CoST will be issued in a new credit card sized certificate. The front of the certificate will bear details and photo of the holder on
a yellow background, and the back will bear details of the certificate.

The certificate has a number of security features to prevent tampering or fraudulent use. Some of these features include holograms and ultra violet printing; some of these security features are not visible to the naked eye. If required, AMSA will be able to verify the authenticity of any CoST, as is the current practice.

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Source: AMSA