In accordance with “ VESSEL GENERAL PERMIT FOR DISCHARGES INCIDENTAL TO THE NORMAL OPERATION OF VESSELS  (VGP 2013)  promulgated by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,  all vessels being operated in U.S. waters must use EAL in all oil to sea interfaces, unless “technically infeasible”.

The EAL guidelines mainly includes VGP(2013) in aspect of EAL technical requirements, assignment of EAL notation,  calculation of tailshaft alignment and workmanship control, and the requirements of plan approval and survey for tailshaft using air protective seals.

The EAL guidelines set out provisions for shafting calculation, design, workmanship and operations, etc. and requirements of design, structure and alarm for air protective seals, concurrently provide instructions to customers for applying to CCS for assignment of EAL notation and issuance of EAL statement of compliance.

The EAL guidelines final version will be the official one as published by CCS.

Source: CCS