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Watch: Gantry crane collapses after collision with container ship

A container ship collide with a pier at Terminal Petikemas Semarang in Indonesia on July 14. Namely, ‘Soul of Luck’ hit a gantry crane that was located  at the terminal. Due to the collision, the crane collapsed. After the accident, the area was closed, with relevant authorities starting an investigation to find out the events that led to the collision.

Watch: How dangerous are rogue waves

Scientists in the past thought that for three rogue waves of 20m or higher to occur it would need more than 24,000 years; Yet, today scientists know that a rogue wave can occur in 24 hours. Scientists have also discussed about freak waves, which are similarly dangerous, as they appear without a warning and have caused many vessels to sink.

Soviet submarine emits radiation 30 years after it sank off Norway

The Soviet nuclear submarine ‘Komsomolets’ is still emitting radiation at the bottom of the Norwegian Sea, where it sank in 1989, a new scientific expedition revealed using a remotely controlled vehicle for the first time. The highest level measured in a sample was 800,000 times higher than normal.

Watch: USCG chases and boards narco sub

The video above shows the USCG Cutter Munro crew members that chase down a self-propelled semi-submersible suspected drug smuggling vessel (SPSS) on June 18, operating in international waters of the Eastern Pacific Ocean. 

Watch: Mega trends impacting container industry

In the video issued by the Port of Rotterdam, Heinrich Kerstgens, Managing Director at logistics company Contargo, explains why current trends in the container industry will ask for heavy investments in digitisation and decarbonisation. 

Watch: How port of Rotterdam uses solar power

The Port of Rotterdam published a video focusing on the solar panels that are the port’s most sustainable energy sources, highlighting the importance of renewable energy and the sustainable development that will follow.

Watch: How inland waterways support US shippers

As part of its effort to help educate audiences about the inland waterways’ contribution to US economy, the Waterways Council released a series of short videos to inform of how these waterways support national freight shippers, agriculture, the labor community, the Corps of Engineers, and building communities. 

Watch: Transforming trade with blockchain

Amid a growing interest for blockchain technology in global business, banking giant HSBC issued a video explaining how this technology can be used to revolutionise shipping trade. The video comes as HSBC recently completed a trade transaction across two independently built blockchain platforms – merging the financial with the physical logistics of trade.

Watch: Cruise ship almost hits dock in Venice

The cruise ship ‘Costa Deliziosa’ hardly avoided collision with the dock while transiting a canal in Venice during inclement weather on Sunday. The incident comes only a month after a similar incident involving a cruise ship in Venice, surging concerns about the safety of large cruise ships in Venice’s canals. 

Watch: Ports of Auckland sets out automation plan

The Ports of Auckland informed that it plans to launch a staged automation process, beginning with its Northern Berth which is due to start in February 2020. The port aspires to complete the infrastructure work, which is needed to apply automation, during 2019.


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