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Watch: Dramatic rescues from cruise ship adrift in Norwegian sea

The luxury cruise ship ‘Viking Sky’ arrived at the port of Molde on Norway’s west coast Sunday, after narrowly escaping disaster when its engines failed during a storm in the Norwegian sea. A total of 1,400 passengers and crew were onboard at that time.

Watch: MOL trials underwater drone for vessel bottom inspection

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd announced that it conducted a test on a remotely operated subsea vehicle (subsea ROV) to inspect the submerged areas of the hull on an MOL Marine-operated cable-laying ship. Those taking part to the test, confirmed the operability of the subsea ROV.

Nautilus joins European Transport Workers

Nautilus International, the union for maritime professionals at sea and ashore, announced that it is joining the European Transport Workers affiliates from across Europe to highlight the worsening wages and conditions that more than 10 million transport workers face nowadays.

Watch: How the Port of Rotterdam prepares for Brexit

On the night of 29 to 30 March 2019, the UK will leave the European Union. As such a development will lead to major changes, the Port of Rotterdam has made preparations to enable freight transport via the Port to run as smoothly as possible. For this transport to run smoothly, the Port said that cooperation is required from all parties in the logistics chain.

Watch: Fishing vessel topples in Spanish repair yard

The video depicts the moment when a French fishing vessel toppled and fell while undergoing repairs in the Oza dock, in A Coruña shipyard, Galicia, Spain. The 34-metres-long ship went off the wooden wedges that supported it and fell on the dock in front of the workers who were present at the scene.

Watch: Towing vessel sinks on Mississippi River

The towing vessel ‘Michelle Anne’ sank at Baton Rouge General Anchorage, Mississippi River, while pushing an empty dry cargo barge, on Thursday morning. The video shows the vessel catching crossways on an anchored ship shortly after.

Watch: HM Coast Guard rescues six fishermen off Lands End

On March 12, during night hours the HM Coastguard rescued six crewmembers from a disabled fishing vessel off Lands End in challenging weather conditions. All six members were airlifted, whereas the Coastguard continues monitoring the drifting vessel.

Watch: Heavy winds knock down containers at Port of Antwerp

This video, filmed on March 10, at the Port of Antwerp depicts strong winds of 12 Beaufort hitting the Port Of Antwerp last week, knocking down containers on the dock. As the winds were so strong, the video depicts a 40-foot ONE container being blown out from a stack of containers and being thrown into the water.

Watch: Con/ro catches fire off Finistère

The Italian con/ro ‘Grande America’ caught fire, approximately 140 nm off Finistère, forcing all 27 members of her crew to abandon ship, on March 10. After being informed  by the captain that the vessel was on fire, the Royal Navy diverted to the scene to provide assistance. Although no one from the crew was injured, some required hospital treatment. 

Watch: IMO supports women empowerment in the maritime community

Due to the International Women’s Day 2019, IMO highlights the position of women in the maritime sector. IMO launches a video trailer for a forthcoming film which will showcase success stories of how IMO’s Women in Maritime programme has positively affected women in ports, on the shoreside and on ships.


The sulphur cap is less than a year away and with most vessels choosing compliant fuel, do you expect to see a spike in incidents and accidents related to the switch over?

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