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Watch: What are the top business risks for 2019

Allianz issued its Risk Barometer 2019 listing the top business risks for this year. For the 2019 edition, Allianz surveyed more than 2,415 risk experts from 86 countries about the perils that worry them most. The survey identified cyber, neck-and-neck with business interruption, at the top of the Allianz Risk Barometer for the first time.

World’s five largest cruise ships in 2019

The video, published by Muster Station, depicts the world’s five largest cruise ships to operate in 2019. Royal Caribbean’s ‘Symphony of the Seas’ is currently claiming the title of the world’s largest cruise ship, with a capacity of 6, 780 passengers and long as 3,9 Statues of Liberty. 

Watch: Sea Shepherd vessel attacked in the Upper Gulf of California

Sea Shepherd Vessel M/V Farley Mowat was attacked while it was conducting maritime patrols inside the Vaquita Refuge in the Upper Gulf of California, and had recovered three illegal gillnets, when the crew noticed approximately 35 skiffs operating inside the refuge. The Sea Shepherd vessel headed towards the skiffs to observe fishing methods being employed, as all gillnet fishing is strictly prohibited inside the marine protected area.

Watch: SpaceX fairing test ends with narrow miss of ship’s net

The video depicts how SpaceX has been attempting to recover the fairings from the Falcon 9 rocket with a net-carrying ship, named ‘Mr. Steven’, in hopes of reusing them. In the latest test, it narrowly missed the net. The fairing splashed down in the ocean right next to Mr. Steven, riding the whitewater wake generated by the speedy boat.

Watch: ILO’s 100 years of helping seafarers’ rights

Since 1919, the International Labour Organization has built a system of international labour standards, including the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, which established minimum working and living standards for all seafarers.  ILO in 2019 is celebrating 100 years of working in favour of social justice and working rights. 

Watch: US-China tension listed as the second top risk for 2019

In its latest annual forecast, Eurasia marked the US-China tensions at the second place of the top risks the world will have to encounter in 2019. Despite the temporary halt of tariff escalation announced at the G20 meeting in Buenos Aires last month, Eurasia remains ‘concerned about the world’s most important bilateral relationship’.

Watch: Cyber threat among the top risks for 2019

Eurasia Group issued its annual forecast of the top political risks that are most likely to arise this year, listing cyber threat at the third place. Cyber threat in business, including shipping, has gained increased attention as an issue in the past year.

Watch: Jan De Nul completes first major umbilical installation

Luxembourg-based dredging and engineering company Jan De Nul Group has successfully completed its first major installation and burial of the two main subsea umbilicals for the exploitation of new gas fields in the West Nile Delta concessions, located in the North Alexandria region.

Watch: How the oil market is changing

In this video, IEA explains how the oil markets are changing. With developing economies now contesting for more demand, they will account for all of the growth in oil consumption by 2040 and over 80% in gas use. What is more, global oil production is continuing its increase fueled by the transport sectors and petrochemicals.

Watch: Celebrity Edge’s magic carpet

Celebrity Edge’s Magic Carpet is the world’s first cantilevered venue at sea to move 15 decks. It is designed to provide passengers with an immediate connection to the ocean with its outward-facing design. The vessel was launched on December 2018 and is the Celebrity Cruises’ first new ship in six years and first new ship series in more than a decade. 


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