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Watch: Aerial view of capsized ‘Britannica Hav’

The French Maritime Prefecture of the North Sea issued a short video providing an aerial view of the cargo vessel ‘Britannica Hav’, which is currently capsized in the English Canal, north of Le Havre. The fishing vessel ‘Deborah’ collided with the general cargo ship ‘Britannica Hav’ in the afternoon of 20th March, northeast of Cherbourg.

Watch: How MFMs benefit vessel operations

Singapore-based BW Group issued a short film explaining the background with respect to use of Mass Flow Meters, which are considered to bring change in bunkering process within an environment of increasing operational challenges. From 1 January 2017, the Port of Singapore became the first in the world to mandate the use of MFM.

Watch: Two boxships collide in Karachi port

The 6350-TEU ‘Hamburg Bay’, operated by Eastern Pacific Chipping, collided with the 8000-TEU ‘Tolten’, operated by Anglo-Eastern Germany GMBH, while the latter was maneuvering on arrival at Pakistani Karachi port, causing the fall overboard off of at least 21 containers into the water, on Monday.

The importance of energy efficiency in shipping

Funded by the European Union and implemented by IMO, the Global MTCC Network initiative unites technology centres, such as Maritime Technologies Cooperation Centres, in targeted regions into a global network. Their aim is to promote technologies and operations to improve energy efficiency in the maritime sector.

Tanker market to recover in 2018, despite a disappointing 2017 end

December 2017 was a very disappointing month for the tanker market. Namely, especially for mid-size tankers it was the worst December for spot rates since the early 1990s and for VLCCs it was the worst December since the 1980s. However, in the end of 2018 and start of 2019, the situation is expected to recover.

How the Port of Gothenburg tries to reduce shipping emissions

90% of world trade is being transported by ships at sea. However, emissions from ships are seriously affecting tens of thousands of people every year.
For this reason, the Port of Gothenburg, Scandinavia’s busiest shipping hub, is trying to come up with a number of methods to tackle the effects of shipping pollution.

New eco-friendly sailing ship concept unveiled

French shipbuilder STX France unveiled a new sailing cruise ship concept that could respond to environmental challenges, by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The SILENSEAS project is supported by the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management.

Icebreakers clear ice in Port of Hamburg

When freezing temperatures hit the City of Hamburg, the Hamburg Port Authority, has to ensure the efficient breaking of the icesheet in the Port of Hamburg, and it does that by using icebreakers. This procedure is very important in terms of dyke safety and for the prevention of flooding.

CHIRP releases new video on dangerous practices when working aloft

CHIRP released its latest video, in which it focuses on reports about dangerous practices when working aloft, and others referring to leisure vessels and ship design, as well as problems faced by pilots during their duties. Namely, in the video, CHIRP presents three cases.

The newest breakbulk vessel to operate in North Atlantic

After her christening, the ‘Frigg W’ the first in a series of four new multi-purpose vessels of Dutch breakbulk shipping line Cargow is now in operation between Rotterdam, Norway and Reydarfjördur, Iceland. Portvlogger Steven was allowed to travel with the maiden trip and spoke to the four owners.


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Watch: Aerial view of capsized ‘Britannica Hav’
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Cyber security in the EU GDPR framework
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