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Are you eating plastic for dinner?

The novel 3-D animation video, produced by motion graphic artist Andreas Tanner and published by National Geographic, provides an insight on all aspects of plastic production, consumption, and breakdown, diving into how our consumption of plastics has affected marine species deaths and increased human health risks.

Watch: Construction of Scotland’s largest offshore wind turbine

Vattenfall released a video, depicting a time-lapse footage of the wind turbine installation at its European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre located just off the north east coast of Scotland in Aberdeen Bay. The European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre is Scotland’s largest offshore wind test and demonstration facility, being Scotland’s largest offshore wind test and demonstration facility which is being developed by Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm.

Watch: Here is how much plastic is littering the sea

The short film, published by National Geographic, illustrates dozens of plastic bottles on the seafloor, giving a picture of the magnitude of marine pollution. It is estimated that humans have produced about 6 billion metric tons of plastic waste up to 2015, only 9% of which was recycled. 

Watch: Tips to mitigate cyber threat

As part of the North P&I Club’s insight series, Colin Gillespie, Deputy Director (Loss Prevention), highlights key issues with respect to cyber risk management in the maritime and notes the importance of having the right protocols in place to counter cyber threats.

Watch: The Ocean Cleanup’s most advanced scale model test to date

Using the advanced technologies available at MARIN, the Ocean Cleanup has conducted new scale model tests of its system. Through continued testing, the Dutch foundation was able to adapt and redesign its system, as needed, in order to have the best possible chance of effectively working in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Watch: Maersk, Rockstart to address food loss

Maersk and Rockstart are collaborating in an initiative called FoodTrack. This initiative aims to encourage startups to come up with ideas for tackling a serious global issue: food loss. Currently one-third of the global food production is wasted, and almost 80% of the food loss happens before it even reaches the stores. 

Watch: Fishing vessel capsizes and sinks at berth

The video depicts the abandoned fishing vessel ‘Reyes del Mar 2’ capsizing and eventually sinking at the port of Puerto de Concepción del Uruguay, in the Uruguay river, after years at the port’s pier number seven. The ship suffered a fire back in 2011 and has been berthed to this location, until this Thursday, when it began listing.

Watch: How the cruise industry works

Cruises are a lot of people’s preferred choice of holiday. But how do they actually work. From a financial to aspect, to crewmembers and luxury offers, this video attempts to describe how the cruise industry, in general, operates. The cruise industry is extremely efficient and subject to strange regulations.

Watch: Mixed Reality technology to improve maritime safety standards

JRCS, a Japanese maritime services company, and Microsoft launched an ambitious plan to digitally transform the global shipping industry. JRCS will use Mixed Reality, the Internet of Things, and AI to train shipping crews, maintain ships, and improve navigational safety standards.

Watch: How pilots board onto moving ships in Arctic

The video, published by ViralHog, depicts how a maritime pilot is boarding to a moving ship, near the coast of Hailuoto, Finland, when the harsh Arctic conditions won’t allow pilot boats to sail. The film is reportedly dated on 2 April 2018, as the Ro-Ro cargo ship ‘Tavastland’ headed for the Port of Oulu.


’Unmanned and autonomous vessels are quickly becoming a reality. Do you think that seafarers will be able to trust an autonomous system?

maritime events

Alerts Casualties Loss Prevention Maritime Health Regulation Safety Seafarers Security
carbon monoxide poisoning
Small motor cruiser owner poisoned from carbon monoxide
oxygen welding gas hose
Lessons learned from incorrect oxygen welding gas hose
ship contact with rig legs
Lessons learned from ship’s contact with rig legs
Arctic Ballast Emissions Fuels Green Shipping Pollution Ship Recycling Technology
Study reveals major changes in global freshwater
Are you eating plastic for dinner?
future of shipping
Technologies that will have big impact on the future of shipping
Connectivity Cyber Security E-navigation Energy Efficiency Maritime Software Smart
eu ships reporting
EU adopts proposal for simpler ship reporting
autonomous trucks
Chinese port of Caofeidian tests fully autonomous trucks
illegal fishing, Indonesia
How Indonesia is tracking illegal fishing activity in real time
CIC Detentions Fines PSC Focus Vetting
ship detentions
Guidance on PSC and flag state detentions for Bahamian-flagged ships
guidance on psc inspections
Guidance on PSC inspections for Bahamian-flagged ships
Australia, livestock carriers
Australia toughens welfare standards on livestock carriers
CSR Shipping Sustainability Women in shipping
largest wave
Largest ever wave recorded in Southern Ocean
port of london authority
Port of London launches strategy to improve the use of Thames
eu ships reporting
EU adopts proposal for simpler ship reporting
Finance Fishery Infographic Maritime Knowledge Offshore Ports Reports Shipbuilding Short Sea Yachting
carbon monoxide poisoning
Small motor cruiser owner poisoned from carbon monoxide
single window
Single-window, port-ship interface at the centre of IMO’s special event
marseille port
Marseille Port starts environmental, logistics and training initiatives