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TradeLens supports Saudi blockchain pilot

As part of a blockchain pilot program, between Saudi Customs and IT partner Tabadul, Saudi Arabia’s cross-border trade platform FASAH has been integrated with Maersk and IBM’s TradeLens service. The pilot blockchain program aspires to connect FASAH, a Saudi Arabia’s national platform which connects all government and private entities involved in cross border trade, with TradeLens for selected services to ensure immutability, traceability, reduced reconciliation, auditability, and compliance.

Blockchain, AI as new tools to protect high seas

Technologies as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain could help monitor the high seas aiming the preservation of the biological diversity of the world’s oceans, according to Reuters. Diplomats began negotiations, on September, on a legally binding treaty to protect oceans. 

UN chief asks for a ‘good’ use of technology

Although technology is developing at an unprecedented rate, it poses threats to the human element as stated by António Guterres, the Secretary-General of the UN. He highlighted that blockchain or gene testing are amongst the technological innovations that are commonly used.

MOL takes part in demonstration test using aerial drones

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. announced on December 20 that it participated in a demonstration test of ship class survey using aerial drones to inspect an MOL-operated coal carrier in service. The test reassured the benefits of using drones to monitor rust, corrosion, and the presence of cracks.

Year in Review: Timeline of smart shipping developments in 2018

As 2018 is running out SAFETY4SEA is picking the hottest smart issues per month at a glance; from significant challenges to worth mentioning developments that made 2018 an important year for the maritime industry especially when it comes to the smart shipping era.

MSC, Port of Valencia test IoT network

A pilot project from big data and fleet management specialist is being conducted, aimed at providing better overview of traffic. The project is a collaboration of Traxens with the MSC Terminal Valencia, the Port Authority at the Port of Valencia and Fundacion Valenciaport using the IoT project.

Digitalising the Entire Maritime Certification Ecosystem

While the entire maritime industry is gradually shifting towards the digital era, with fully autonomous ships lurking just around the corner, the maritime certification process has remained unchanged. Safebridge took it upon itself to tackle this problem and see what can be done to take the certification ecosystem one step further into the future.

Vopak tests drones for safer inspection

Vopak announced that it is testing the use of drones and robots, in order to ensure safer inspection and digital vessel clearance tool for better clearance process.  Among others the testing includes drone inspection and jetty inspection using an underwater remote operated vehicle (ROV).


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