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Netherlands warn about fake websites

The Dutch National Port Security Reporting Point for security incidents recently warned against criminals who ‘spoof’ or ‘clone’ legitimate websites. This is the counterfeiting of websites or e-mail addresses for fraudulent activities. The criminals are mainly looking for money and possibly data from companies doing business in the port.

‘Whaling’ attacks are on the rise

Several hackers are pretending to be high-level executives in the shipping industry to launch ‘whaling attacks’. These attacks aim to steal credentials or even compromise the system. These hackers are targeting various types of employees with social-engineering. Whaling attacks are not new, but they grow, with the FBI noting that these attacks resulted in losses of more than $12.5 billion during 2018. 

Modern ships more vulnerable at cyber attacks

A little after BIMCO published the new guidelines to improve cyber security, secureworld provides further insight on how ships can be hacked. Namely, modern ships are floating computer networks and have more and more systems that can be compromised. The most characteristic example are cruise ships. On these ships Wi-Fi works most of the time, increasing the risk of cyber attacks.

How to prevent cyber attacks from happening

Gard Club in collaboration with DNV GL explain what are the possible cyber threats and how we can mitigate them or prevent them. Cyber threats are dynamic and can quickly change, for this reason seafarers must be very careful, in order not to put their personal or the ship’s information at risk.  Namely, the easiest way for cyber criminals to attack is through negligent or poorly trained individuals.

Two companies fined due to GDPR violation

British Authorities fined an insurance company and an advertising agency 135.000 pounds as they violated the GDPR regulation. Both of the companies belong to the same person. It was found out, after an investigation, that the person responsible mistreated their customers’ personal information for political purposes.

Watch: What does a cyber security analyst do

Inmarsat’s SpaceBytes published a video focusing on Cyber Security. Inmarsat’s Analyst James Weston who has an insight in cyber crimes comments that the front line of a cyber attack is behind a screen not on the street; you can’t see when or where it’s coming from.

ABS receives SMART4SEA Cyber Security Award

SAFETY4SEA is pleased to announce that ABS has received the 2019 SMART4SEA Cyber Security Award, sponsored by Arcadia Shipmanagement, at a prestigious award ceremony which successfully concluded on January the 29th at Yacht Club of Greece in Athens, the evening ahead of the 2019 SMART4SEA Conference.

Port of Rotterdam warns for fake website

Port of Rotterdam alarms its website users on criminals that often set up fake copies of its website in order to attract existing or potential clients into disclosing confidential information or paying fraudulent invoices. Sometimes, the fake sites are an exact copy of the Port of Rotterdam website and are difficult to distinguish from the original site.

Data Protection Day: EU GDPR in numbers

On the occasion of the EU Data Protection Day on 28 January, the European Commission noted key highlights with respect to eight months since the EU General Data Protection Regulation came into force, providing a global standard for the strongest and most modern data protection rules in the world.

Denmark issues cyber threat assessment for maritime sector

As part of the launch of a cyber security strategy for shipping sector earlier this month, the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs published a threat assessment, providing an overview of the general cyber threat against the Danish maritime sector and informing the industry of threats in order to facilitate mitigation.


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