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Shipping to look for new technologies to boost cyber security

Marlink’s President Maritime, Tore Morten Olsen, in an interview with the SAFETY4SEA team during Oslo’s Nor-Shipping, addresses that the maritime sector should firstly focus on seafarers’ education to reduce the human risk and then look for innovative ways to be protected from cyber risks.

USCG: Cyber incident exposes vulnerabilities for commercial vessels

The US Coast Guard issued a warning to draw attention on a cyber incident reported earlier this year, which exposes potential vulnerabilities for commercial vessels in general. With respect to this incident, USCG said it is imperative for the maritime community to adapt to the changing threat landscape.

Three basic steps for effective cyber security

In Be Cyber Aware at Sea’s July Phish and Ships edition, Wallem Group Chief Executive, Frank Coles, while speaking at Lloyd’s Register Asia Shipowners Forum, addressed the ways operators can fail to update critical processes when adapting to new technologies onboard.

Why underreporting is a major cyber threat in the shipping industry

Be Cyber Aware at Sea published its July edition of Phish and Ships, discussing about the issue of ‘underreporting’ which is a crucial issue in the industry and presents a false sense of security. There’s a gap between the number of cyber-related incidents that occur in the maritime industry and the lower number that are being reported. 

Lessons learned after three ‘famous’ cyber attacks

In its July issue of Phish and Ships, Be Cyber Aware at Sea comments on lessons learned after major cyber attacks the industry faced from COSCO’s attack to Maersk’s. The cyber attack Norsk Hydro experienced is a clear example that the shipping industry has a long way to go, as it forced the company to shutdown production in several plants and cost them USD 50 million.

How important is antivirus and contingency planning for ships

The Shipowners’ Club publishes its final article in its cyber risks series, now focusing on the benefits of antivirus software, the importance of contingency plans in case of a cyber-attack and what actions operators can take to ensure good security practice on board their ships.

Companies can conduct simulation tests to see cyber security level

The Korean Register of Shipping provides an insight for companies to acknowledge the level of security they implement. Specifically, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing simulates a hacking attack to actively assess the level of security within an organization. 

Four cyber terms explained

The Korean Register of Shipping presents four cyber terms and provides an explanation, aiming to provide an insight to Internet users and companies to better understand the dangers of the cyber-world and be protected.

OWASP top 10: Broken Access Control explained

The Korean Register of Shipping explains cyber threats and OWASP, analyzing a specific Open Web application and its vulnerability on cyber attacks. The Korean Register of Shipping focuses on the analysis of the ‘A5 : 2017 – Broken Access Control.’


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