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Seven cybersecurity trends for 2020

TÜV Rheinland, cybersecurity experts, launched a report presenting the 2020 cybersecurity trends following shipping industry’s rapid transformation towards digitalization. Although the cyber challenges may seem overwhelming, it is of great importance for the industry to evolve and face the problems that will follow. 

7 key features to have a cyber seaworthy vessel

Cyber security plays a major role in the shipping industry, followed by a number of cyber attacks in the past that alerted the industry and pushed for more precautionary measures, given its impact in shipping operations. Now, in March’s issue of Be Cyber Aware at Sea, Phish and Ships notes that it is important to understand what makes a vessel cyber seaworthy.

ABS issues cyber risk management guidelines

ABS Group of Companies launched a set of safety and risk-based services to facilitate the smooth compliance to the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) 2021 Cyber Risk Management (CRM) guidelines.

Malicious emails against shipping companies Feb 2020-week 4

In their weekly queries of backend databases, cyber security firm Red Sky Alliance, Dryad Global’s cyber security partners, perform weekly queries of  backend databases, identifying all new data containing Motor Vessel (MV) and Motor Tanker (MT) in the subject line of malicious emails.

US Navy to protect sailors from cyber threats

The US Navy recently launched a new program in order to advise sailors and their relatives of potential adversarial threats in the digital field. In fact, the program will focus on the cyber vulnerabilities, including adversaries’ ability to target and track individual sailors on social media.

Trump orders US to test its vulnerability to GPS outage

US President Donald Trump signed an executive order directing US agencies to test whether critical infrastructure systems are vulnerable in case of disruption or manipulation of satellite-based global positioning system services (GPS).


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