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UN launches Panel to address the effects of digitalization

Tech experts gathered to explain the benefits of digital technology. These experts aim to show how new technologies can be used effectively, while also protecting against unwanted or unexpected negative impacts. The panel will be comprised of women and men of technology, public policy, science, and academia.

NIS Directive: When cyber security meets operational resilience

NISD should be viewed as means by which to bring harbor authorities, port operators, passenger and freight transport organizations up to speed with the modern digital world. This article aims to clarify why this directive is of much essence, referring not only to cyber security, but also to operational resilience.

USCG starts Cyber Systems major

The US Coast Guard Academy informed that it will add a new academic program. Beginning with the Class of 2022, the Academy will offer an academic major in Cyber Systems, aiming to allow the younger generation to better meet the emerging operational and support needs of the service.

The need of multi-layered phishing mitigation: A real case study

After publishing a multilayered approach model of defense against cyber breaches, the UK National Cyber Security Centre presented a case example of a real attack on a company showing how effective layering of their defences gave them a strong overall defence.

Defending phishing attacks: A multi-layered approach

The UK National Cyber Security Centre has issued an industry cyber security guidance, outlining a multi-layered approach that can improve resilience against phishing, whilst minimising disruption to user productivity. Typical defences against phishing are reliant on users’ abilities to detect phishing emails.

Cyber threat on ships – What is true, what is vision, what is fantasy?

Today, cyber-attacks can come from any direction, be it economic or political blackmail, damage to market competitors and their IT infrastructure, be it for military or terrorist purposes, writes Capt.Gunter Schütze. What is new is the hype about the external influence of viruses / Trojans / malware on internal networks on ships.

Cyber security regulatory framework needs a more holistic approach

During Posidonia 2018, SAFETY4SEA team met with Mr. Pantelis Skinitis, Business Development at ABS, to discuss about industry’s response to cyber risks. Mr. Skinitis noted that shipping industry needs specific guidance on how to implement any cyber security regulatory framework and advised to follow the example from other industries;

Managing cyber risk requires a ‘top-down’ approach

When it comes to cyber security, action is needed from top management, highlights Mrs. Cynthia Hudson, CEO, HudsonAnalytix, adding that a cultural change is therefore vital not only to support cyber-security resources but also to achieve and sustain cyber resilient capability.

EU report explains EU GDPR law

The EU Agency for Fundamental Rights released the report “Handbook on European data protection law”, providing an overview of the EU’s and the Council of Europe’s applicable legal frameworks. The handbook explains key case law, summarising major rulings of both the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights.


Do you think the entire shipping industry will be completely digitalized by 2025?

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