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IACS: Data assurance of computer-based systems onboard

IACS recently issued a report supplementing the UR E22 on digital data assurance of Category I, II and III computer based system onboard, STS and ships to shore systems. Data Assurance may be intended as the activity for enforcing the security of data generated in computer based systems onboard.

IACS: Guidelines on ship board network architecture

IACS issued a recommendation report citing broad guidelines on ship board network architecture. The recommendation broadly covers various aspects from design to installation phases which should be addressed by the Supplier, system integrator and yard.

First International Maritime Cyber Centre of Excellence opens in Singapore

Wärtsilä announced the opening of an International Maritime Cyber Centre of Excellence (IMCCE) in Singapore, on 16 October. Founded by Wärtsilä and Templar Executives, IMCCE is the first of its type for the marine industry to help drive the cyber awareness and response to cyber incidents.

USCG initiatives to improve cyber security

The US Coast Guard has invested heavily in cyber risk management efforts. These efforts focus on the US Coast Guard Cyber Strategy’s three strategic priorities of: defending cyberspace, enabling operations, and protecting infrastructure. To achieve these goals, USCG has established or is considering cyber-focused initiatives.

IACS: Contingency plan for onboard computer based systems

IACS issued a recommendation intended to clarify the need for developing contingency plans for the situation following a failure of onboard computer based systems and laying out expectations for the provision of systems and services that need to remain intact in order for the crew to be able to respond appropriately.

Cyber threats in the maritime environment: What you should know

Passwords update; data speed; geo-location authentication; only a few ways to prevent the threat posed by cyber criminals aiming to undermine our network connections. How, therefore, these threats can affect industries and organizations, especially those in the maritime environment?

FBI, DHS: Cyber security tips related to Remote Desktop Protocol

Following the cyber attack that hit the Port of San Diego on 25 September, the US Coast Guard Office of Port and Facility Compliance drew attention to a joint FBI and DHS announcement on ways to prevent malicious cyber activity arising from the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Naval Dome calls insurers to revoke ‘Clause CL 380’ affecting cyber cover

On the sidelines of the International Union of Marine Insurance’s (IUMI) annual conference in late September, cyber security firm Naval Dome called on marine insurers to revoke the controversial ‘Clause CL 380’ and implement policies that insure against the risk of cyber-attacks on ship systems.

Cybersecurity landscape is changing: What’s next?

The cybersecurity landscape, however, is changing  day after day, year after year; and here we are in 2018, trying to put ourselves in the shoes of cybercriminals to better anticipate where attacks will be coming from.


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