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Managing cyber risk in the smart era

The pace in overall technology development in the world has been unprecedentedly fast, however, there is concern that the shipping industry moves slowly due to some of its traditional characteristics and resistance to change. Mr. Max Bobys,Vice President, HudsonCyber, gives his insights on how shipping could move forward and accelerate in the smart era, noting also that cyber risks are looming; thus he suggests four key steps to help shipowners safeguard their businesses.

US reveals strategy to improve cyber security

US’s President Donald Trump signed America’s National Cyber Strategy. This strategy states that it will use all available means to keep America safe from cyber threat. As for the maritime sector, it has modernized and it has become more vulnerable to cyber exploitation or attack. So, maritime security is of ‘particular concern ‘.

Why is it important to report cyber incidents

Gideon Lenkey, Technology Director at EPSCO-Ra talks about why it is crucial to report cyber attacks and incidents. These incidents happen every day, while the majority of them is never reported. A reason why is this happening are the victims, who want to keep the threat quiet. and the lack of awareness regarding where could someone report a cyber incident.

New partnership to focus on shipping cyber security

UK-based cyber security company NCC Group and US-based Moran Shipping Agencies, Inc. announced a strategic alliance in maritime cyber security. The companies aim to provide a set of security consulting services that focus on understanding operational threats.

Maritime lacks cyber security readiness, says new paper

A paper issued by Future Directions International highlighted that the maritime industry remains unprepared for cyber security threats, With around 50,000 ships at sea or in port at any one time, the maritime transport industry is highly exposed to cyber attacks.

How US tackles cyber threats

In an initiative that perhaps the shipping industry can learn from, the US Marine Corps launched a couple of years ago the Marine Corps Cyberspace Warfare Group (MCCYWG), a hacking support unit which now supports the US Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace (MARFORCYBER) established in 2010.

To tackle cyber risks, you have to get onboard

No vessel operator is likely to achieve 100% cyber security but understanding real-world bridge operations can help generate practical solutions writes Nick Hollaway, technical director, Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine.

North P&I Club accredited for efficient cyber protection

North of England P&I Club has received the government-backed Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, which is awarded to companies which have successfully implemented systems to protect themselves against common cyber threats.

Ten basic cyber security tips

The major cyber attacks against Maersk last year and COSCO over this summer were more than a shaking reminder for businesses worldwide that they should focus more on cyber security. Be Cyber Aware at Sea shares a top-10 best practice for businesses to ensure they are cyber-secured.


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