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SafeMetrix MET-3S set to release soft skills assessments in Tagalog and Greek

A significant step towards continuously ensuring the provision of fair and unbiased assessments that give equal opportunities to all seafarers around the globe is on the horizon for SafeMetrix, a product line of Safebridge. The platform is set to broaden its prospects, aiming to target the Philippine and Greek markets.

Tips to address loneliness at sea

Loneliness is one of the key issues associated with mental health problems at sea. Separation from family creates a sense of loneliness and isolation for seafarers. A Danish study is currently looking into what can be done to improve the situation.

China pledges income tax relief for oceangoing seafarers

As part of its major tax reforms for middle-and low-income groups, the Chinese government pledged to reduce income taxes for oceangoing Chinese seafarers, to make seafaring jobs more attractive and boost domestic shipping sector. 

ISWAN: Female seafarers calling for help doubled in 2018-2019

ISWAN launched its first annual review for 2018-2019, based on statistics from their international helpline for seafarers and their families, SeafarerHelp, presenting ISWAN’s objectives in helping seafarers while also providing information on the seafarers that contacted in the specific timeframe, their gender, their nationality and the issues affecting them.

20% of seafarers have contemplated suicide or self-harm, Yale study finds

A new study by Yale University to 1,572 seafarers identified potentially dangerous levels of depression, anxiety and suicide risk among seafarers. Within the previous two weeks of the survey, 25% of respondents had suffered depression, 17% anxiety and 20% had contemplated suicide or self-harm.

New initiative commits to provide grants to seafarers in need

 On Monday, November 18th, ShipMoney, the international maritime payment solutions provider announced the launch of a new initiative with the name ShipMoney Cares. ShipMoney Cares will be managed by ISWAN and is intended to provide one-time financial grants to seafarers in need, such as medical or educational aid. ShipMoney along with its partners will make a substantial annual donation to the program, with a maximum grant of $500 while seafarers can apply once a year.

Internet access crucial for seafarers

According to a survey by Danica, a crewing company, shipping companies should be consider that it is not only salary levels that determine which employer a seafarer chooses. Instead, peripheral benefits are playing an important role in attracting and keeping senior staff, as well. Among these, the most important is access to the internet, followed by medical insurance, pensions and paid certification.

Chief Engineer refuses engine room rating, gets excluded from duty

In its 57th issue, CHIRP pays attention to an engine room rating operation that had to be conducted by the Chief Engineer, who declined to conduct the operation in the machinery spaces, due to the lack of safety measures, an act that in the beginning led to the Chief Engineer’s exclusion from engine room duties.

CHIRP mostly receives reports from pilots due to lack of safety measures

In its latest issue for November, CHIRP focuses on the reasons why receiving several reports from marine pilots is a constantly-seen phenomenon. Many of the received reports are based on pilot boarding arrangements or pilotage issues, while CHIRP highlights the facts of this usual situation.

UK approves marine surveyor apprenticeship

The UK government’s Department for Education (DfE) approved an industry-backed initiative led by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST), to develop a four-year degree-level apprenticeship for those who aspire to become professional marine surveyors.


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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