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MSC 101 focuses on automation, polar shipping and fuel oil safety

The Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) is meeting for its 101st session. Its agenda is including maritime autonomous surface ships, polar shipping, and goal-based standards among other agenda items. Numerous draft amendments will be adopted, regarding dangerous cargo, autonomous ships, polar shipping and fuel oil safety.

DNV GL presents 5 steps to increase safety levels in shipping

During the Nor-Shipping Conference in Oslo, DNV GL – Maritime CEO Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, proposed a five-step process in order to increase the level of safety in the shipping industry, highlighting that ‘regulators have to put safety at the core when they are making new regulations to address the environmental footprint.’

HiLo project: A new way of thinking to stop serious maritime accidents

Eradicating maritime casualties remains a top priority for the shipping industry which is struggling to keep fatality and injury rates at low figures. A shipping casualty can bring loss of life, cause irreversible injuries, destroy an ecosystem, lead to major cost claims and damage reputation. The only way to avoid all these is to prevent the accident itself.

In a time when shipping is changing, safety is important

During the Nor-Shipping press conference in Oslo, DNV GL’s CEO, Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, focused on the class’ commitment to maritime safety. He commented that despite the fact that maritime losses seem to have been mitigated in the last decade, challenging markets, demanding environmental regulations and new technologies get the industry’s attention away from marine safety.

Ten tips for coping with weather at sea

Weather at sea is a deadly serious and always relevant safety issue. The weather can make the difference between a prosperous or loss-making voyage, can cause injury to crew and passengers and can even lead to the loss of a ship. 

US Coast Guard receives Hellenic American Maritime Guardians of Industry Award

SAFETY4SEA, in collaboration with SHIPPINGInsight, is pleased to announce that US Coast Guard has received the 2019 Hellenic American Maritime Guardians of Industry Award, sponsored by ABS, at a gala dinner and award ceremony which successfully concluded on May 29th at Megaron Athens, The Banqueting Hall, the evening on day one of the inaugural Hellenic American Maritime Forum, in Athens.

Denmark launches new boat safety campaign

The Norwegian Sea Safety Council has launched a new campaign to increase boating safety. In the coming weeks, ports throughout Denmark will be equipped, among others, with signs at the exit and on the boat bridges, to encourage recreational sailors and fishermen to take skipper responsibility.

Canada lifts navigation restrictions related to flooding

Canada announced the lifting of navigation restrictions in certain zones previously identified in Interim Order no.3 Respecting Flooded Areas, due to improved navigational safety conditions and following consultations with local authorities and law enforcement.

US Navy sailors conduct firefighting exercise

The US Navy published photos from sailors practising their firefighting skills and techniques by battling a simulated fire. All sailors are trained in fire fighting and damage control efforts, as many are the fire incidents taking place onboard vessels.

Debunking the Myth of Data Collection

During the 2019 SAFETY4SEA London Conference, Mr. Manit Chandler discussed the importance of data sharing between companies in the maritime industry. He noted that sharing data could prevent accidents from being repeated.


Should BWM training be a mandatory requirement?

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