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Book of the month: A comprehensive manual to safe navigation

Navigating may be a challenging task on a sunny day, but what happens when mariners must guide their boat through the darkest night or the thickest fog? Either way, radar is a must-have tool for safe navigation but a complex task if you don’t know how to use it.

Charterparty issues may arise from coronavirus

With coronavirus crisis in China spreading ahead, shipping industry must be ready to face a possible infection of crewmembers, considering quarantine and closures, while be prepared for charterparty issues. In light of the situation, Hill Dickinson law firm outlined major issues that shipowners may have to deal with, based on previous outbreaks such as SARS and Ebola.

GPS smoothing: How to remove discrepancies in received positions

Knowing exactly where we are at each time is a key component of safe navigation and the use of GPS and ECDIS provide this capability nowadays, but the continuing trend to rely solely on this means of navigation rather than to cross-check with other independent and reliable navigation techniques introduces a significant risk, CHIRP notes.

CHIRP: Passengers with disabilities on cruise ships

CHIRP has received correspondence from mariners on the standards and experiences related to passengers with disabilities. CHIRP comments that in the absence of any common rules or practices, possibly the best advice is to ensure that all of requirements are known prior to boarding.

Rhine river traffic delayed from bomb disposal at Cologne

Vessel traffic at the Rhine River in Germany was delayed after construction workers defused an unexploded American bomb from World War II, as AP reports. When the bomb was found, a TV station and the opera house were evacuated during the defusing operation. Shipping on the river and air traffic overhead were also interrupted before the defusing operation got underway.

Tokyo MoU: Risks of improperly rigged pilot ladders

Tokyo MoU issued a Safety Bulletin to inform of the potential risks of using improperly rigged pilot ladders. This comes in response to several reports from pilots and pilot associations indicating that vessels are improperly securing their pilot ladders to the ship.

Tokyo MoU: Risks of lifting slings with plastic sheathing on freefall lifeboats

Tokyo MoU issued a Safety Bulletin to raise awareness of the potential risks associated with lifting slings encased in plastic sheathing on freefall lifeboats. Such arrangements have been found to restrict visual inspection of the wire ropes enclosed within and prevent routine maintenance and survey being effectively carried out.

USCG alerts on hazardous bar conditions in Pacific Northwest

The US Coast Guard issued an alert advising mariners of the dangers when sailing hazardous bars in the Pacific Northwest, mostly during night hours and heavy weather. The USCG has already published regulated navigation areas for specific locations on the Oregon and Washington coasts, while also created guidance for these areas.

ABS marks three years without a work-related lost time injury

Recently, ABS celebrated an unprecedented third year of zero lost time work-related incidents. This historic achievement establishes ABS as an industry safety leader. In fact, the Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR) at ABS has remained at 0.00 throughout 2017, 2018 and now 2019, underscoring ABS’ industry-leading safety performance.


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