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AMSA warns of fatalities caused by moving elevators onboard

During 2018 and 2019, AMSA received notification of two separate accidents that involved crew members being trapped and crushed by a moving elevator. In both instances, the elevator moved while the crew members were working between the elevator casing and the cage, resulting in fatal crush injuries.

BIMCO restructures committees balancing safety and environment

BIMCO announced that it is making changes to its structure to represent the importance of the environment, while in the meantime maintaining the debate on safety matters. The new structure will include shipping’s trends, as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, biofouling management and ballast water management.

Seafarers International House joins Dangerous Ladders campaign

The Seafarers International House announced that they are joining the Dangerous Ladders campaign, after the death of a veteran Sandy Hook ship pilot, who fell from an accommodation ladder. The Seafarers International House stated that it is taking part in the campaign to pressure the International Maritime Organization to solve the issue of dangerous ladders and build a safer environment for ship pilots.

Ten tips to improve situational awareness onboard

The Nautical Institute issued its newest edition of The Navigator focusing on the importance of Situational Awareness as a key component of safe navigation. Maintaining good situational awareness can be challenging and there are many things on a bridge that can cause distraction or overload.

USCG: Alarming issues found on fixed gas detection systems

The US Coast Guard informed the maritime community about common discrepancies associated with fixed gas detection systems onboard liquefied gas carriers. During exams on three separate LNG carriers in Boston, PSCOs discovered issues with the fixed flammable gas detection system.

Guidance on high moisture content cargo

The Gard recently informed that even if it may be impossible for crew to estimate the particle size of the cargo carried, the crew can watch out for signs of high moisture content with the aim to ensure safety.

PPE: A critical factor to seafarer’s safety onboard

Seafarers face one of the highest risks of workplace injury or death and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is considered as a first line of defense to keep maritime workers safe while on duty. However, not only seafarers need to start their day by wearing proper PPE but also shipping organizations need to develop a workplace culture that promote the use of PPE at all times.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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