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Ro-Ro ferries: Dangers to truck drivers remaining in their vehicle cabs

UK MAIB issued a safety bulletin to inform of the dangers posed to freight vehicle drivers who remain in their vehicle cabs while on board Ro-Ro ferries at sea. The publication comes on the aftermath of the shift and toppling over of freight vehicles onboard the P&O Ro-Ro passenger ferry ‘European Causeway’.

Wärtsilä’s 10 rules to ensure safety

Wärtsilä conducted its fifth annual global Safety Day on March 14th, 2019. This year theme was Lifesavers, referring to Wärtsilä’s 10 life-saving rules. This Safety day aimed to enhance life-saving rules and called people to act when they see a case that is inconsistent with the ten rules. The life-saving rules apply to all workers and partners involved with Wärtsilä’s operations or visiting its premises.

Two passengers injured during tender boat transfer

The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) issued a safety alert concerning the safe transfer of passengers during tender boat operations. The publication came following a recent injury incident of two passengers during transfer on a tender boat. 

New campaign on cargo safety launched in light of fire incidents

TT Club, an international transport and logistics insurer, launched the Cargo Integrity campaign due to the increase of container ship fires and in favour of the safety of the seafarers. Taking the maritime segment of global supply chain, it is estimated that a major container ship fire at sea occurs on average every 60 days, albeit that there have already been four major cargo-related fire incidents in 2019.

ClassNK: Fire fighter’s communication on Cook Islands vessels

ClassNK released a Technical Information aiming to inform that the Cook Islands Maritime Authority has issued a new circular regarding fire fighter’s communication. The circular touches upon the application of the fire fighter’s communication, its stored location, colour and standard criteria.

USCG: Difference between navigation lights on power driven vessels and on sailing vessels

The US Inspections and Compliance Directorate published the Marine Safety Alert 02-19, ‘Not all navigation lights are created equal,’ to help all mariners understand the difference between navigation lights used on power driven vessels and those used on sailing vessels. The vertical divergence requirements for lights on vessels under sail are larger to accommodate greater heeling.

AMSA: Fatigue a key factor behind improper maintenance

Analysis of AMSA’s Port State Control data indicated that there were 896 maintenance-related deficiencies issued in 2017 and 708 in 2018. This amount represents 13% of the overall deficiencies during 2017-18. A recent study which included 1026 seafarers, identified that over 20% of seafarers reported working more than 69 hours per week with unpredictable working hours.

Interferry examines Philippines to produce safety lessons learned

A four-man team from global trade association Interferry will be in Manila from March 18-22, to conduct the first stage of a project to study significant safety improvements in Philippines ferry operations. The team will also produce a ‘lessons learned’ report to help other developing nations. The FerrySafe project team will be carrying out one-hour meetings with various stakeholders to learn how fatal incidents have been reduced to almost zero in recent years.

UK Club: Preventing burn injuries onboard

The UK Club issued a risk focus on burn injuries onboard vessels. Burns can be some of the most painful and dangerous of personal injuries that may be inflicted both at work and in domestic situations. The potential sources and causes of burn injuries can be varied and may range from a painful but minor inconvenience to life changing injury and death.


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