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Criminal liability risks for shipowners over illegal scrapping

Following Seatrade’s conviction of illegally selling vessels for demolition in South Asian yards, in breach of the EU Waste Shipment Regulation, the Swedish P&I Club recommended shipowners to take greater notice of the regulations when considering demolition. This was the first time an EU shipowner has been held criminally liable for such case.

IMO needs better governance to combat climate change, says new report

IMO is at risk of unresolved conflicts of interest due to shortcomings in its governance, according to a new study by Transparency International. The anti-corruption organisation noted that private shipping-industry concerns could have undue influence over the policymaking process at the IMO, which could impede actions against GHG emissions.

Guidance for proper crew accommodation

UK MCA provides suggestions for operators to ensure the crew’s safety and comply with Merchant Shipping Regulations. All structures, furniture and fittings & means of access to and egress from the crew accommodation should be situated and constructed as to minimise any risk of injury to the crew.

IMO SSE Sub-Committee outcome

IMO provided an overview of the latest progress made at the 5th session of its Sub-Committee on Ship Systems and Equipment that took place on 12-16 March 2018. Key issues included ventilation of enclosed lifeboats, shore power supply, life saving equipment in polar waters, fire prevention on ro-ro ships, as well as use of lifting appliances onboard.

How many EEBDs are required onboard

The Emergency Escape Breathing Devices are part of the critical safety equipment and are used for escape from a compartment that has a hazardous atmosphere. Their use has become mandatory under the new amendments to SOLAS 74 (Chapter II-2, Reg 16) for all ships to which the safety equipment certificate is required.

Hong Kong adopts Load Lines Convention requirements

The Government of Hong Kong proposed to amend regulations under the Merchant Shipping (Safety) Ordinance, to incorporate the latest requirements set out in the IMO International Convention on Load Lines into local legislation. The proposed legislative amendments seek to enhance the safety and stability of a ship in national waters.

Cyber security in the EU GDPR framework

The implementation of the GDPR from May 2018 comes with many challenges for all organizations as they will need to adopt new business practices, internal policies, technical and organizational measures. Extensive training in data protection and privacy legislation is a critical factor for the success of GDPR.

MLC, 2006 Grievances: A Flag State Perspective

Captain John Hafner, International Registries, Inc., provides feedback on how the Maritime Labour Convention, which became effective four years ago, has succeeded in  improving working & living conditions on board. 

New regulation to improve cruise ships security

The US Coast Guard announced the publication of a Final Rule to eliminate outdated regulations that impose not necessary screening requirements on cruise ships and cruise ship terminals, in order to improve cruise ships security.

Denmark eases medicine handling onboard ships

Denmark introduced new regulation, aiming to simplify the handling of medical supplies for survival craft and the handling of medicine onboard Danish ships abroad. Upon the new regulations become effective on 1 July 2018, the requirement for ships’ medicine to be bought from a Danish pharmacy will be abolished.


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