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Port of Gothenburg launches Health Declaration initiative

The Port of Gothenburg Authority announced that from now on, on its own initiative, will request a Maritime Declaration of Health from all vessels calling at the port, beginning from Monday, February 3, 2020, until further notice.

India puts more than 200 ports in quarantine mode

The Union Ministry of Shipping in India ordered all States to place 204 minor and 12 major ports in quarantine mode to screen for the novel coronavirus on ships docking from China. India notes that the ports should obtain a self-declaration from the arriving crew and passengers, to ensure the health conditions of each one.

Coronavirus: 6 tips to stay protected and not infected

The Novel Coronavirus outbreak has made headlines from late December when the first victim of the virus was reported in Wuhan, a city in China. Spreading rapidly, the virus is the top priority for the shipping industry with many key players following the tips issued by the World Health Organization on protection and safety.

How coronavirus affects shipping: Everything you need to know

The Coronavirus outbreak has set the shipping industry into a frenzy, with major shipping stakeholders issuing guidance and recommendations, ports halting operations until further notice and a feeling of uncertainty on how this emergency will be dealt with.

SeaSense – Expert Thinking on Crew Health

This time, our special column, in association with The North of England P&I Club, sheds light on crew health. Health is the most important thing for anyone, let alone seafarers due to their challenging job. Rest hours, working out, food, better accommodation and mental health, are all key elements towards ensuring a healthy lifestyle.  For this reason, we asked maritime experts to make their assessment whether the industry has taken significant action towards

Understanding Fatigue: Making a healthy lifestyle part of our day-to-day lives

To enjoy a good quality of life, we must ensure that we are healthy and strong. Health is wealth; when we prefer making healthy choices, these become habits and part of our daily life and in turn, the benefits are many. A healthy lifestyle can make a big difference and therefore, putting physical fitness and a healthy diet on top is vital.

The Philippines adopt strict measures against coronavirus

The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) announced that it is adopting stringent prevention measures against the Novel Coronavirus (nCoV), encompassing all PPA-controlled ports nationwide after the Department of Health (DOH) confirmed the first nCoV case on January 30.

Coronavirus Outbreak: How shipping deals with it

Following WHO’s declare on global emergency after the outbreak of the coronavirus, many maritime authorities in the shipping industry have issued information on the case, providing details on the current situation.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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