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Staying hydrated onboard

The UK P&I Club has announced that over the last 12 months, several cases of illness on ships indicate possible dehydration in the underlying health of the crew. The majority of these cases concern crew who have suffered from kidney stones.

Maintaining a healthy weight onboard

The sedentary lifestyle reflected onboard ships can lead to overweight crew members. The Shipowners P&I Club has issued two publications concerning maintaining a healthy weight which give guidelines and share advice on the topic.

Enhancing food safety in maritime settings

The Shipowners P&I Club has published Guidelines for Food Safety on Merchant Ships and Fishing Vessels in order to set a good basis for training courses on health care and hygiene in all maritime training settings.

Maintaining a healthy diet on board

Claims related to illness have been frequently notified to the Shipowners P&I Club, with the number of claims reported remaining steady in number over the last five policy years. The Club partnered with the International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN) and issued guidance on maintaining a healthy diet onboard merchant marine ships

Risk and prevention of malaria

In the past 12 months the Republic of the Marshall Islands has received five reports of seafarers serving on board RMI flagged ships who were diagnosed with malaria

Malaria: An Infectious Disease Among Seafarers

In the latest issue of its StopLoss Bulletin , the London P&I Club draws the attention to malaria, a life-threatening disease to which seafarers are particularly at risk due to the very nature of their employment. Malaria is prevalent in tropical and sub-tropical zones around the world, with the majority of cases occurring in sub-saharan Africa.


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