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Tackling abandonment at sea

A short film commissioned by SRI highlights the major issue of abandonment of ships and their crews in foreign ports around the world. When abandoned, seafarers have to handle difficult situations, including isolation and lack of food or heating, which make them dependent on the local environment

Lifestyle changes can improve seafarer's wellbeing

The Britannia P&I Club has released the second part of its ‘Health Watch’ publication focusing this time on mental health issues, weight and body mass index (BMI), diet and exercise, back pain and malaria. The Club says that daily changes in lifestyle such as adopting a balanced and healthy diet and exercise can have a positive impact on crew members’ health and suggests to adopt small changes in daily routine life as soon as possible.

Tackling obesity in seafarers

The UK P&I Club comments on the fact many crewmembers fail pre-sea medical examinations, due to a combination of serious illnesses linked to obesity, informing that a body mass index of 25 or above can signify a serious weight problem. Being overweight may interfere with the seafarer’s role and performance on-board.

Seafarer mental health is considered ‘a serious concern’

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, The Mission to Seafarers has taken the opportunity to highlight the many health challenges faced by seafarers and calls on the industry to offer wider services that could help safeguard their welfare.

HRAS: How to remain resilient after a traumatic event

The Human Rights At Sea campaign published a guide for shippers, addressing the issue of handling and remaining resilient after traumatic events at sea, such as marine incidents. The campaign aims to urge shippers to ask for professional help when they feel they need it, highlighting that this does not imply any instability or weakness.

Simple steps to better health onboard

The Britannia P&I Club released its ‘Health Watch’ publication including illustrations with the aim to raise awareness about seafarers’ health. The Club deals with serious medical conditions and provides basic facts regarding the symptoms and causes of these, stressing that relatively small changes in lifestyle can have a significant positive impact on health.

Tackling obesity in seafarers

The UK P&I Club’s Crew Health team recently analysed data from 900+ crew medical examinations, where multiple illnesses were highlighted. Over 200 crewmembers failed their pre-sea medical examination, due to a combination of serious illnesses in addition to obesity.

Food vs fatigue on board

In this article, David Steele, Director of the Food Inspection Training, explains how food plays a huge part in a seafarer’s life on board and gives his advice on the proper meals for seafarers in order to avoid fatigue during duty.

Malaria prevention for seafarers

Under its “Seafarers’ Health Information Programme”, International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network issued a report on malaria prevention, as the disease causes at least 1 million deaths every year, the majority of which occur in resource-poor countries, such as Africa, south and central America, Asia and the middle east.

New maritime healthcare survey launched

Nautilus International announced that it has teamed up with Martek Marine to launch a survey calling on all seafarers to give their views on the accessibility and quality of medical assistance on board their vessels.


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