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Review of Salvage and Marine Firefighting Verifications

The US Coast Guard uses many methods to evaluate a tank or non-tank vessel owner/operator’s compliance with vessel response plan regulations. In April 2017, the US Coast Guard Office of Marine Environmental Response Policy began a new verification performed along with the review of a VRP for approval.

Key causes of container ship cargo claims

The marine transportation of containers is a complex operation, requiring close supervision from the moment the containers are taken until they are safely delivered to the receiver. As such, several claims are resulted from container trade, many of which could have been easily avoided had greater oversight and diligence been exercised.

OCIMF: Guidance on safety critical equipment and spare parts

OCIMF released a paper providing guidance on safety critical spare parts for companies to consider when preparing an SMS. The paper notes that the identification of safety critical equipment and the need for safety critical spare parts is a complicated subject and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Do’s and Don’ts for fire safety on ferries

The Standard P&I Club issued a master’s guide to raise awareness of fire risks on ferries. This type of ship presents particular risks due to the cargo onboard: Cars, lorries and refrigerated containers, all of these have combustible material and their own fire hazards, something which a ship’s crew cannot easily control. 

ClassNK issues guidelines for use of drones in class surveys

ClassNK has released its Guidelines for Use of Drones in Class Surveys, incorporating the applicable range and procedures for use of drones in class surveys, the technical considerations for safe operation and the requirements for drone service suppliers. As drone-related technologies are improving at an extremely rapid pace, application in diverse fields is increasingly expected. 

New tool enhances safety for larger cargo ships entering Miami

NOAA launched a decision support tool for super-sized ships, coming through the recently-expanded Panama Canal, to enter the Miami seaport more safely. The tool reduces accidents by more than 50%, increases the amount of cargo ships can carry, reduces transit delays for commercial traffic, enhances recreational activities, and improves hazardous spill response. 

Report presents issues with pilot transfers

The International Maritime Pilots Association conducted a Pilot Ladder Safety providing detailed information regarding the results they have concluded in.
For a Maritime Pilot, embarking and disembarking a ship is a dangerous task. The method of operation has changed very little over the years, and a large percentage of vessels still do not comply with standards for those arrangements.

New guidance on firefighting equipment standards

The US Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance released “Guidance on Implementation of New Standards for Fire Protection, Detection, and Extinguishing Equipment,” to provide guidance to Officers in Charge, Marine Inspection. This guidance regard changes to regulatory requirements for fire protection, detection, and extinguishing equipment.

New guidelines for places of refuge

The cooperation group on places of refuge in the European Union discussed changes to the operational guidelines and possible global implementation. The participants supported the guidelines, and emphasised that there will be no denial of refuge without inspection, and any rejection should be based on safety reasons only.

IMCA, OCIMF team up to improve OVID system

IMCA and OCIMF agreed to establish a joint committee to review, share and progress developments of the Offshore Vessel Inspection Database system, aiming to improve the efficiency of vessel assurance process, while at the same time maintaining the highest standards of vessel assurance and risk management.


The sulphur cap is less than a year away and with most vessels choosing compliant fuel, do you expect to see a spike in incidents and accidents related to the switch over?

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