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Guidance for safe transport of bauxite

Liberia Maritime Authority issued a Marine Advisory to provide guidance for safe transport of bauxite, including the accurate declaration on cargoes. It also presents the potential risks regarding the carriage of certain Group A bauxite in bulk due to its potential to undergo dynamic separation.

Guidelines for carriage of cocoa butter in freight containers

A working group comprising members of the Cargo Incident Notification System issued guidelines for the carriage of cocoa butter in freight containers, under the principles set out in the IMO/ILO/UNECE Code of Practice for Packing of Cargo Transport Units (CTU Code).

The role of duty officers in collision avoidance

Taking consideration of various court claims involving maritime casualties, Harry Hirst of Ince&Co. law firm discussed the importance of “the use of time” by duty officers in collision avoidance. Namely, in the latest edition of Signals Newsletter, Mr. Hirst notes distance is often a criteria that OOWs apply when taking action, however avoiding action should always be about timing and not about distance.

Crane safety features during STS

Mr. Konstantinos Voutzoulidis, ABS, warns that personnel transfers using ship’s cranes during Ship-to-Ship transfer operations have significantly increased the last years; an increase in related accidents has been reported as well.

The risk of Enclosed Space Incidences

In the following article, Dr. Wesley Tucker, Consultant Scientist, TCI Scientific explains the risk of Enclosed Space Incidences and advises how to understand and detect common ship gasses, cargoes that produce or deplete them, and ways they can be detected – all in the spirit of honoring the new regulations effective from 20116 and increasing safety standards.


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