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NTSB confirms poor oversight over USS John S McCain collision

Insufficient training, inadequate bridge operating procedures and a lack of operational oversight were the key causes of the fatal collision between the USS John S McCain and the tanker Alnic MC in August 2017, the official report by the US National Transportation Safety Board revealed. 

USCG updates Marine Casualty Reporting Forms

USCG updated its reporting forms for providing a written report of a marine casualty. Owners, operators, managers, and masters for US flag vessels, and for foreign vessels which make port calls should ensure that they have available the latest forms from the USCG.

Watch: USCG medevacs child from cruise ship off Virginia

On July 7, a USCG MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter aircrew evacuated a seven-year-old girl, as she was suffering from abdominal pain, from the cruise ship Celebrity Summit. The helicopter hoisted the girl, which was then transported at the Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters in Norfolk.

Rotating winch drum traps AB’s feet

IMCA focused on an injury where an AB suffered a fractured foot and severe abrasions when he conducted a task to re-pool a wire onto an aft deck tugger winch. IMCA notes that the boots he was wearing prevented a much more serious injury.

Crewman twists ankle slipping from offshore wind turbine power

In its 2019 safety flash, IMCA focuses on an ankle injury a crewmember suffered while conducting work inside a transition piece, the lower part of an offshore wind turbine tower. Although the crewman was slightly injured, he wasn’t able to continue its normal duties for three days. 

IMCA: Cutting injury to finger

IMCA published its safety flash focusing on a marine incident where a crew member was trying to remove the outer sheaving from a core conductor by using a knife, but resulted to cutting his finger. 

Two life-boat incidents caused by inexperience and technicalities

IMCA launched a safety flash that focused on two incidents relating to life-raft accidents, as during the release of the life boats, they fell into the sea. The first incident was caused because of an inexperienced second mate, whereas the second one, was caused by a technical matter. 

Watch: Exxon Mobil plant on fire

Sources report that about 66 people suffered minor injuries when the fire broke out on July 31, at a massive ExxonMobil plant in Texas. Allegedly, the fire broke out at a polypropylene recovery unit where plastic is purified for production.


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