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Case study: Fatal Accident on Board

The following case study, based on an investigation report issued by Transport Malta, refers to a fatal injury occurred as the crew member got trapped between the mooring rope on the winch drum and the deck on the poop deck. The safety investigation revealed that in order to perform the task of stowing the mooring ropes on the winch drum, the crew members had to engage physically with the ropes while the winch was rotating.

Lessons Learned: If working at height is necessary, use the equipment needed

The UK MAIB, in its recently published Safety Digest, focuses on a freight ro-ro vessel entering a port; Due to concerns of cold weather and disruptions to the vessel’s water pipe system, the master ordered to rig a temporary curtain arrangement in the corridor, at deckhead height, leading to the injury of a seafarer who used a ladder improperly, which led to the ladder slipping. 

Lessons learned: If a deckhand entangles in the gear, have a knife readily available

In its latest edition of Safety Digest, the UK MAIB focuses on a fishing vessel’s accident, in which its personnel accidentally got engaged in shooting creels. While the vessel was facing rough weather conditions, the personnel couldn’t use the a self-shooting system, leading to the engaging of three deckhands in the shooting creels.

Lessons Learned: Carefully check weather forecast to prevent accidents

In the latest Safety Digest, UK MAIB focuses on the importance of the weather forecasts for the avoidance of relevant accidents; UK MAIB advises that if severe weather is forecast, all options available should be considered and all relevant precautions should be taken to establish the safety of the crew.

Two Equinor workers injured in explosion in North Sea

Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) has launched an investigation into a serious work accident which took place on the Heimdal field in the North Sea on 28 November 2019, where two people were injured from an explosion in a gas cylinder.

Fire erupts on plant near Port Neche, Texas

On November 27, Wednesday, a fire erupted on a petrochemical plant in Port Neches, Texas, resulting to the injury of two plant employees and one contractor, who were transmitted to the Southeast Texas Regional Medical Centre and to Memorial Hermann in Houston for treatment. 

Ro-Ro cargo ship that caught fire off Tuscany seized

After the Ro-Ro cargo ship ‘Eurocargo Trieste’ caught fire off Tuscany, on November the 21st, an inspection took place by technicians of the Harbour Office, to investigate the incident. The inspection found various anomalies, and the vessels was seized in Livorno on November 23rd.

Cruise ship runs aground off Phi Phi Island, Thailand

A Belgium-registered tourist cruiser ran aground on rocks near Phi Phi Island while it was on its journey from Lanta Island to Phuket, on Monday November 25, and was later towed to shore. The passengers had 77, French passengers onboard, who were safely taken to shore, and there were no injuries reported.

Prosecutors raid Coast Guard offices concerning Sewol case

A new special prosecution unit raided multiple offices of the Korea Coast Guard with the aim to find evidence in regards to the sinking of the ferry Sewol in 2014, which claimed the lives of 304 people. The raids are said to be part of the latest in a long series of investigations into the loss of the ferry Sewol.  It was reported that the raids recovered personnel records listing the names of the first responders on the day of the sinking, as well as other documents related to the accident. 


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