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Leaking lube oil causes engine room fire on towing vessel

The NTSB issued an investigation report on the engine room fire and explosion onboard the towing vessel ‘J.W. Herron’ on Big Bayou Canot near Mobile, Alabama in December 2017. The report identified leaking lube oil from a propulsion diesel engine hose or tubing fitting that was ignited off an exposed hot engine surface, as the key cause of the accident. 

Pilot’s decision to proceed with unsecured deck hatches leads to sinking

The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued an investigation report on the sinking of the towing vessel ‘Ricky Robinson’ on the Lower Mississippi River, in December 2017, which caused death of the two crewmen onboard, oil discharge and significant damage of the vessel. 

Deck boat collides with bay boat off Louisiana

The US Coast Guard responded to a report of four people in the water after two vessels collided near Baptiste Collette Bayou, Louisiana, on January 16. The boat is now half sunken in Baptiste Collete Bayou outside the channel waiting for salvage. Namely, a 40-foot commercial deck boat with eight people aboard collided with a 24-foot bay boat with four people aboard.

Fire breaks out at Vale’s distribution centre in Malaysia

A fire broke out on February 15 in one of the transfer houses of the belt conveyor system at Vale’s distribution centre in Malaysia. As the company informed, operations will have to shut down for a few days, but it expects a reduced impact on shipments. The fire caused material damage only and operations will continue in about 10 to 15 days.

Fire on vessel at Port of Toledo now under control

Oregon firefighters were battling flames on board the vessel St. Clair at the Port of Toledo, on February 16. The ship was moored in the Port for winter season repairs. No one was aboard, and there was no cargo on the vessel at the time of the fire. In addition, a helicopter crew and a pollution responder, aboard a helicopter carried out an aerial observation of the area on February 17 and found no pollution in the Maumee River.

Vessel fire results to six casualties in Durban Port

As the South American Maritime Safety Authority reported, six people lost their lives in a fire incident, that took place at the port of Durban. SAMSA is moving forward to an investigation to find out the factors that caused the fire on February 14.

Ocean Infinity finds Stellar Daisy deep in the Atlantic

Ocean Infinity informed that it has successfully located the wreck of the lost South Korean tanker, Stellar Daisy. The ship was found 3461 meters deep in the South Atlantic Ocean, approximately 1800 nautical miles due west of Cape Town. Stellar Daisy sank on 31 March 2017, while transporting iron ore from Brazil to China. As a result, 22 of the 24 crew died.

Supply vessel sinks in Singapore

On 14 February 2019, MPA Singapore received a report that a Dominica-flagged supply vessel, Ocean Cooper 2, had capsized and sunk in the westbound lane of the Traffic Separation Scheme, about 3 nautical miles from Pedra Branca. The incident took place within Singapore Territorial Waters in the Singapore Strait. All three Indonesian crew, were rescued by a nearby accompanying supply vessel, Jolly Rachel, and they are safe.

Malaysia and Singapore conflict on territorial waters

The incident which involved Malaysian vessel ‘Polaris’ and Greece-registered bulk carrier ‘Piraeus’ colliding, caused discussions on the dispute between Malaysia and Singapore concerning their territorial waters. Yet, Malaysian Marine Department director-general Baharin Abdul Hamid, stated that the incident occurred in Malaysian territorial waters and not Singapore.


The sulphur cap is less than a year away and with most vessels choosing compliant fuel, do you expect to see a spike in incidents and accidents related to the switch over?

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