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Passenger ship experiences engine failure in Aegean sea

According to local sources, the passenger ship ‘Aegean Odyssey’ suffered an engine failure while it was sailing closely to Chania, Crete island, Greece. Chania Port Authority was immediately informed in order to assist the vessel. The passenger ship had 339 people on board.

USCG rescues three after boat capsizes in Clearwater Pass

As the USCG announced, they rescued three people on Saturday, April 20, after their 25-foot boat capsized in Clearwater Pass. After the call and reports of a capsized vessel, the USCG station Sand Key 45-foot Response Boat-Medium crew was launched and saved the three people.  No injuries were reported.

‘Catastrophic structural failure’ caused sinking of Stellar Daisy

Two years after the VLOC Stellar Daisy sank along with almost its entire crew in the South Atlantic Ocean, the Marshall Islands issued the investigation report on the accident, identifying a ‘catastrophic structural failure of the ship’s hull’ as key cause of the accident. 

Lessons Learned: Passengers should be seated to avoid accidents

CHIRP published its Maritime Feedback 54 focusing on a report detailing an incident where a wilful failure to fully comply with a safety briefing led to an injury to a passenger. The report focuses on the importance of keeping the passengers of a boat safe and the consequences when the passengers don’t fully comply with the safety rules.

Lessons Learned: Bridge should not be left unattended

In its newly published Safety Digest, UK MAIB focuses on an incident of a small general cargo that was grounded when its bridge was left unattended. The grounding woke the crew. A survey at the discharge port revealed that the vessel had extensive damage and it was removed from service for several months.

Two vessels collide due to lack of anchor manoeuvrability

Japan Transport Safety Board issued an accident investigation concerning a cargo ship that was un-manoeuvrable due to lack of handling its anchor. By having only one anchor, the vessel drifted in the current and collided with a bulk carrier, resulting to both vessels having damages. Yet, there were no injuries reported.

USCG to consider evidence related to Mary B II casualty

The US Coast Guard is scheduled to conduct a formal public hearing beginning on 13 May 2019 at the Newport, Oregon City Hall to consider evidence related to the Mary B II marine casualty investigation. The capsizing of fishing vessel Mary B II led to the deaths of three fishermen on 8 January.

Three injured after explosion on bulker

An explosion took place on board the bulk carrier ‘Great Aspiration’, on April 17, in Celtic sea off Lizard, UK. Three crewmembers sustained serious burns, and were in need of medical assistance. The inured men were rescued from the bulker, as a search and rescue helicopter winched them off the ship. ‘Great Aspiration’ was anchored at Mount’s Bay on April 18, and it continued its sailing that day, going to Falmouth, under its own power.


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