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Lack of training in working on enclosed spaces leads to fatality

The Swedish Accident Investigation Authority published its report on the death of a casual labourer from oxygen deficiency when he entered an unventilated spiral ladder leading down to one of the cargo holds. The probable cause was a combination of being unaware of the risks, because of lack of training and experience in discharging coal.

Herald of Free Enterprise: A wake-up call for Ro-Ro safety

32 years have passed since the capsizing of Herald of Free Enterprise, only a few minutes after leaving Zeebrugge port on 6 March 1987, killing 193 people. The incident is considered, not only as the deadliest casualty involving a UK-registered ship since 1919, but also as a wake-up call for safety improvements.

Lack of stability assessment leads to fatal capsizing

UK MAIB issued an investigation report on the capsizing of the fishing vessel ‘Laura Jane’ resulting in one fatality. The report identified issues related to the weight of fishing gear being carried, the vessel’s very low freeboard, as well as the fact that the owner had not undertaken a stability assessment. 

Intercargo launches its 2018 bulk carrier casualty report

Intercargo published its Bulk Carrier Casualty Report for 2018. Intercargo calls all stakeholders to remain vigilant as cargo liquefaction continues to pose a major threat to the life of seafarers. The report focuses on bulk carrier casualties from 2009 to 2018 and provides an analysis on statistics and trends over the last 10 years.

Lessons learned: Problematic lube oil cooler leads to pollution

The UK P&I Club presents a case where a defective lube oil cooler caused pollution. Namely as the ship was alongside, oil sheens were observed floating on the dock water around the stern, which were believed to be from lubricating oil leaking from the stern tube seal. The deficient condition of the lube oil cooler caused not only a pollution incident, but also significant costs regarding clean up, inspections, repairs and off-hire.

Containers on fire at Port of Oakland

Four shipping containers containing food products caught fire at the Port of Oakland, on April 21 night, as the Oakland Fire Department battalion chief informed. No injuries were reported, while the cause of the fire is currently under investigation. After the incident was reported, twenty four firefighters took action for about, trying to extinguish the fire.

Tanker runs aground off Petit Bois Island

An oil tanker ran aground near Petit Bois Island, a barrier island off the coast of Pascagoula, on April 21. The vessel was reportedly carrying 21 million gallons of Colombian crude oil, but according to sources it was successfully refloated on April 22. As of now there are no signs of pollution, but pollution responders and investigators are searching the incident area, while also monitoring the tank level for any indications that the tank is leaking.

Watch: Two ferries collide in Sunda strait

On Moday, April 22, two ferries collided when voyaging in Sunda strait. The collision was between ferry ‘Windu Karsa Dwitya’ and  ferry ‘Virgo 18’. From the incident, a crew fell overboard and is missing, one passenger was injured and transferred to hospital, on arrival to Merak.

Lessons learned: Slinging steel coil injures stevedore

Transport Malta’s Marine Safety Investigation Unit (MSIU) issued an investigation report on a serious injury of a stevedore onboard the Panamanian-flagged general cargo ship ‘NS Tera’ at Laboratory Wharf, Valletta, in April 2018. 


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