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EMSA: Overview of maritime casualties in 2017

EMSA released its annual review of maritime casualties reporting a total of 3,301 occurrences through 2017. The report reveals that the number of very serious casualties has continuously decreased since 2014 with 74 reported in 2017. A total of 61 people were injured and 61 ships were lost. During the 2011-2017 period, 405 accidents led to a total of 683 lives lost, which represents a significant decrease since 2015.

Two ships collide off Borkum, Germany

The general cargo ship Paksoy 1, carrying the Turkish flag, collided with the Dutch ship ‘EEMS Cobalt’, on November 15, 25 kilometers off Borkum, Germany. According to the German maritime authorities, all 21 crew on board the vessels are safe and no injuries have been reported.

Seafarer killed during container lashing in Port of Dublin

A seafarer was killed while lashing and securing containers onboard the Antigua and Barbuda-flagged container ship ‘Francop’, in the port of Dublin, Ireland, on 14 November. Dennis Gomez Regana, from the Philippines, died after a container struck him at Southbank Quay, when he was doing lashing work while container lifting operations were underway, ITF informed. 

Skipper fined over ferry grounding in Wellington

A skipper has been fined $1,688 after speeding and grounding the passenger ferry ‘City Cat’ in New Zealand. The ferry grounded at 17 knots, in a 5 knot area, on a rock at Karaka Bay on 16 April 2017. Maritime NZ informed the skipper did not have the correct navigational charts, did not maintain proper look-out and had repeatedly traveled at excessive speed prior to the grounding.

Three missing after bulk carrier sinks in Sea of Okhotsk

The bulk carrier ‘Anatoly Krasheninnikov’ sank in the Far Eastern Sea of Okhotsk on November 9. The ship had 13 people on board at the time of the incident, while ten were saved by a nearby ship. The other three remain unaccounted for, but aerial search for them has been suspended because of difficult weather.

Four rescued after fishing vessel took on water

The US Coast Guard rescued four fishermen on Wednesday, November 14, after abandoning their boat off the coast of Rockland, Maine. The vessel was taking on water, as the captain of the ship reported. The fishermen were reported to be in good condition.

AMSA reports 7 serious marine incidents in October

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority informed that a total of 45 domestic commercial vessel incidents were reported in the month of October. Of these, 7 were categorised serious. During September, AMSA announced that it has a steady increase in incident reports, from 1721 reports in 2013, to 3017 reports in 2017.

MCIB report: Crew fatality on RoRo ferry during trailer loading

Ireland’s Marine Casualty Investigation Board issued an accident report on a fatal incident onboard the RoRo ferry ‘European Endeavour’. While the ferry was loading the vehicular cargo, on 22nd June 2017, in Dublin, one of the crew was found unconscious at the rear of a trailer. After unsuccessful resuscitation attempts, he was declared dead.

Right handling of scaffold tower can prevent injuries

Transport Malta published a Safety Investigation Report concerning the injury of an AB, reporting that the factor of the accident was the release of the securing lashings at the time when the crew member was still on the mobile scaffold tower. The company was recommended to make sure that climbing of scaffold is always done from the inside.

Two dockers die in Montevideo in enclosed space incident

Two dockers died on November 13, while they were unloading logs from a bulker in Montevideo, Uruguay. According to reports, two others were also transported to the hospital. Information reports that the victims were probably exposed to a fumigant. The authorities are further investigating to determine the cause of the exposure. 


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