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Lessons learned: Main engine turbocharger lagging on fire

In its July edition of Safety Flashes, IMCA describes a case of a fire onboard due to main engine turbocharger lagging. The probable cause was namely traced to inappropriate material and workmanship in the replacement lagging work.

Lessons learned: Passenger injury on access ramp

In its latest gangways guidance, the Shipowners Club describes a case of a passenger injury on the access ramp while boarding a ferry. The claimant’s lawyers supported that this incident occurred because the ramp was unattended and not because the ramp was unsafe. 

Lessons learned: Space heater catches fire

In the latest edition of its Safety Flashes, IMCA describes a case of fire on a space heater and some loose equipment onboard a ship after housekeeping. Following this incident, IMCA noted it should be always verified that worksites are returned to a safe condition after completion of work.

Stellar Daisy network calls for new search on second VDR

The Stellar Daisy accident shocked the shipping industry back in 2017 as only two crewmembers managed to survive. Now, the International Stellar Daisy Network is demanding from the South Korean Government to retrieve the second Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) from the sunken bulk carrier. 

Four crewmembers severely injured when wave breaks over the vessel

As the National Sea Rescue Institute reports, a breaking wave is said to have injured four Filipino crewmen onboard a bulk carrier that was approaching Port Elizabeth. The wave broke over the vessel at sea off-shore of the vicinity of Port Edward on Tuesday, August 6.

Chinese ship that collided with Taiwanese vessel remains unidentified

The Taiwanese Coast Guard investigated the incident concerning a Taiwanese cargo vessel that collided with a Chinese navy ship off Kinmen. Fu Shih-hour, the cargo ship’s captain, stated to Bloomberg that the Chinese vessel tried to persuade him sail to the mainland port of Xiamen.

LPG tanker collides with fishing vessel off Honolulu

As the US Coast Guard reports, a commercial fishing vessel collided with an Italian-flagged tanker, about 20 miles southeast of Oahu, on Wednesday, August 7. The USCG further notes that there were no injuries or pollution after the incident. 

Three capsized ferry boats result to 31 dead in the Philippines

The Philippines were struck by a fatal incident, after three passenger motorboats capsized off the city Iloilo, Panay, on Saturday, August 3. The capsized incident resulted to 31 of the passengers found dead, according to Iloilo city officials. 

Lessons learned: Dropped flexible pipe incident

In its latest Safety Flashes, IMCA describes a case of an incident during lifting operations, resulting in dropped flexible pipe. There were no injuries a s a result from this incident, however, it did have the potential to result in a more serious outcome, IMCA noted. 


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