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IMO to ensure high quality of ship inspections in Caribbean

Conducting a vessel inspection is very important task. In order to keep a high level of safety in the Caribbean, a Regional Caribbean Ship Inspector Training course took place from 29 October to 16 November, in Trinidad and Tobago. The objective of the course is to prepare ship surveyors to be able to work in a Caribbean maritime administration.

Paris MoU appoints new Secretary-General

Mr. Luc Smulders has been appointed as the new Secretary-General at the Secretariat of the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control (Paris MoU). He is succeeding Mr. Richard Schiferli who retired 1st of November 2018, after 29 years of service to the Paris MoU.

St. Vincent and The Grenadines: Actions to be taken ahead PSC inspections

The St. Vincent And The Grenadines Maritime Administration issued a circular to provide managing companies and ships’ officers guidance on how to keep their ships ready for PSC inspections and avoid an eventual detention. The analysis of the evolution of detentions of ships flying St Vincent and The Grenadines Flag inside the Paris MoU Region has shown an improving situation from 2005.

PSC focus: China performance in H12018

During first half of 2018, PSCOs conducted in China a total of 4,141 inspections which resulted to 15,135 deficiencies and 158 detentions. This led to a detention rate of 3.82% and an expected number of deficiencies per inspection 3 to 4. At the same time, the overall Tokyo MoU figures for the same period show a detention rate of 2.25% and deficiencies per inspection 1 to 2 (1.98).

Paris MoU inspection regime: What if things go wrong

As more than 18.000 inspections take place on board foreign ships every year in the Paris MoU ports, BIMCO provides guidance on how to prepare for inspections, highlighting that the best way to ensure and succeed a port inspection is a good preparation, an open mind and positive attitude to the PSCOs.

USCG publishes two work instructions for Subchapter M

The US Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance, published two Mission Management System Work Instructions. These are the ‘CVC-WI-013, Initial Towing Vessel COI Inspections Under TSMS Option’ and the ‘CVC-WI-010, OCMI Guidance on Special Consideration for 46 CFR Subchapter M Vessels’.

Standard Club warns of false ecological inspections in Ukrainian ports

Standard Club’s Loss Prevention department reminds operators about the ongoing problems regarding false ecological inspections in Ukrainian Ports. As the Club reports, it has been informed that they have seen an increase in the quantity of such incidents. These incidents are affecting foreign vessels,

Tips to ensure a positive PSC inspection under Liberian law

Liberia Maritime Authority issued a document to assist Masters on their responsibilities under Liberian Law and provide guidance to ensure a positive PSC inspection. Under Liberian Regulation 2.35, it is the responsibility of owners and masters to ensure compliance with all applicable international conventions.

Requirements for ships before entering US ports

The Republic of Marshall Islands reminded the need for verifying and submitting the Critical Items Checklist before arrival in any US Port. Namely, The checklist aims to reflect the status of the critical items that may cause a dangerous situation condition or Port State control detention. 


Should BWM training be a mandatory requirement?

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