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PSC results optimistic for Australian ports in 2017

AMSA issued its PSC report results for 2017, indicating a significant fall in the detention rate in Australian ports to 5.3%. This result is the lowest since 2006 – with a detention rate of 4.5%. This result is also reflected in the average number of deficiencies per inspection remaining at a low of 2.3%. This outcome was last recorded in 2004.

Surveys and PSC data on Isle of Man ships in 2017

The Isle of Man Ship Registry issued its annual report for 2017, presenting data provided by the Registry’s survey and inspection activity throughout the year. The report revealed that the number of non-conformance notices decreased, but the number of ship deficiencies remained at the same levels. Most deficiencies concerned fire safety and MLC-related issues. 

How to comply with QUALSHIP 21 and E-Zero program

On 01 January 2001 the USCG implemented the QUALSHIP 21 initiative to identify high-quality ships and provide incentives to encourage quality operations. Furthermore, the E-Zero was launched on 01 July 2017 for ships enrolled in the QUALSHIP 21 program that meet strict additional environmental requirements.

Requirements for vessels calling in Australia, China, Europe & USA

The Liberia Maritime Authority said that it has recently experienced an increase in PSC inspections, while, on the contrary, they have reported a decrease in PSC detentions, due to their requirement to receive Advance Notice of Arrival for vessels calling on ports in Australia, China, Europe and  the USA, which helps to ensure compliance and report problems.


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