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d’Amico to pay $4 million for pollution from its vessel

According to the US Department of Justice, d’Amico, Italian shipping company, is called to pay $4 million for Concealment of pollution from one of its vessels. In the meantime, the shipping company will be placed on probation for four years after violating the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships in the US.

PB tankers comments on OFAC’s blacklisting

Italy’s PB Tankers commented on OFAC’s decision to blacklist nine ships and four companies for breaching Venezuelan sanctions. The company stated that it’s shocked and concerned in OFAC’s action, in adding the company and a number of the company’s vessels to the current sanctions list in relation to trade with Venezuela. The company said in a release yesterday it will be taking immediate steps to ensure that it is delisted as a matter of urgency.

US designates nine ships and four companies for breaching Venezuelan sanctions

The US announced that it has designated a further nine vessels and four owning companies for involvement in the carriage of petroleum cargoes from Venezuela to Cuba. These sanctions cone a few days after the US blacklisted two shipping firms and their vessel for allegedly transporting oil from Venezuela to Cuba.

MPA Singapore on prohibited anchorage

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore has published Port Marine Circular (PMC) No. 06 of 2019 to inform ship masters, owners, and agents of vessels of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (Port Limits – Suspension) Notification 2019 that came into operation on 08 April 2019 at 0001hours.

Steamship issues alert on Venezuelan sanctions

Steamship Mutual issued an advisory note on Wednesday, April 10, warning that US Treasury’s decision on blacklisting a Greek tanker demonstrates the agency’s willingness to interpret sanctions on Venezuela broadly, beyond the literal text of its rules – with potential implications for foreign tanker operators and oil traders.  

Four former Vinashin executives accused for illegal activities

Four former leaders of the state-owned Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Group (Vinashin), now the Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (SBIC), have been charged with abusing position and power to appropriate assets. Accused of violations is former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ocean Commercial Joint Stock Bank (OceanBank) Ha Van Tham and his accomplices.

US blacklists Greek tanker in light of crude oil sanctions

The US Department of Treasury proceeded to black listing two shipping firms and many vessels, including one Greek tanker, in light of the US sanctions on Venezuela. The two blacklisted companies are Ballito Bay Shipping and ‘ProPer In Management Inc.’ of Athens, both sharing the same address in Piraeus. 

US imposes sanctions on two companies trading with Venezuelan oil

On April 5, the US sanctioned two companies operating in Venezuela’s oil sector and one vessel used to transport oil to Cuba. Additional vessels, in which Venezuela’s state-owned oil company PDVSA has interests, are blocked property, according to Executive Order 13850. The US encouraged companies, banks, and other institutions not to provide services that support Maduro’s practices.


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