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Shell Offshore to pay $2.2 million for 2016 Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Shell Offshore, a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, will pay $2.2 million for violating the Clean Water Act after spilling 1,900 barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico in May 2016. Then a subsea pipeline cracked at the company’s Green Canyon oil field. The new fine comes to add to $3.9 million the company agreed to pay in July 2018, for natural resource damage charges due to the spill.

Two companies fined due to GDPR violation

British Authorities fined an insurance company and an advertising agency 135.000 pounds as they violated the GDPR regulation. Both of the companies belong to the same person. It was found out, after an investigation, that the person responsible mistreated their customers’ personal information for political purposes.

7 arrested for illegal transaction of MGO off Singapore

Seven men got arrested on January 29 for an alleged illegal transaction of 2.7 tonnes of marine gas oil at the sea off Pulau Sudong, Singapore. According to the police, the men were arrested during a joint operation the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. Initial investigations showed that the three crew members had allegedly misappropriated 2.7 tonnes of marine gas oil without their company knowing. 

Irish Ferries ordered compensate its passenger for WB Yeats Delay

Irish Ferries shipping company expressed its disappointment with a notice issued by the National Transport Authority (NTA) regarding cancellations after the delayed arrival of the company’s new vessel. Specifically, NTA ordered the Irish company to pay compensation due to the delayed W.B. Yeats delivery from German shipbuilder Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) and cancellation of the ship’s services in the summer of 2018.

Turkey proceeds to further rise in pollution fines

As from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2020, new pollution fine tariffs are entering into effect in Turkey, West of England proceeds to an update concerning new pollution fines in the country. According to correspondents Metropole Maritime, the level of fines has been increased yet again by 23.73% over and above the increases already levied in December 2018.

Norway issues fines for breaching sulphur regulations

The Norwegian Maritime Authority issued five fines for breaching sulphur regulations during 2018 in comparison with two in 2017. Except the five violation fines, NMA sent three additional notices for breach sulphur regulations, which are being processed for the time being. 

Master and vessel owner to pay £15,624 for fisheries offences

Master and vessel owner are ordered to pay £15,624 for fisheries offences. The hearing was conducted on January 8, at Plymouth Magistrates Court in a prosecution that was brought by the Marine Management Organisation, MMO. Two charges were brought before court concerning exceeding monthly quota limits. In addition, the defendants pleaded guilty to both charges.

How to prevent pollution fines in Turkey

From 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2020, new pollution fine tariffs are applying in Turkey. The London P&I Club informs about the fines and suggests ways to prevent them from taking place. The fines regard petroleum, dirty ballast and garbage and sewage.

Bangladeshi shipbreaker fined over illegal ship dismantling

The Bangladeshi Department of Environment (DoE) has fined a Chittagong-based shipbreaking company, after it was found illegally dismantling a grounded vessel on the beach in Chittagong. The company proceeded with the dismantling without a permit, causing marine pollution in an area which is not designated for shipbreaking. 

Former bankers arrested for non-existent maritime loans

The US Department of Justice supports that between 2013-2016, all five arrested bribed Mozambican officials and defrauded investors. Their aim was to collect financing for projects in shipyards, tuna fisheries and maritime security in Mozambique. On January 4, three ex-bankers from Credit Suisse Group were arrested in London over their involvement in a $2 billion loan package for faking maritime development projects in Mozambique.


The sulphur cap is less than a year away and with most vessels choosing compliant fuel, do you expect to see a spike in incidents and accidents related to the switch over?

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