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42 ships under detention in Paris MoU in August

The Paris MoU issued an updated list with the ships detained in the Paris MoU region during August, citing a total of 42 ships. The number of times a ship has been detained during a 24 month period is because of the NIR (New Inspection Regime) now a 36 month period and is included in the list.

Crew was beaten on the first fishing vessel detained under ILO

EJF urged the Taiwanese government to review its fisheries law after it documented gross human rights violations aboard a Taiwanese vessel, which became the first in the world to be detained over the summer for violating new international standards of decent work in fishing. 

Malaysia detains vessels for alleged illegal fuel transfer

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency’s detained a tanker ship along with a fishing vessel, after suspicions that they were conducting illegal ship-to-ship (STS) fuel transfer. If found guilty, the ship owners could face a fine which could reach RM100,000 and two years’ jail.

Tanker refused access to Paris MoU region

The Tanzanian-flagged oil products tanker ‘Rawan’ was detained in Port of Limassol, Cyprus, on 23 April 2018, and left the port on 25 July, but failed to call at the repair yard in Alexandria, Egypt as agreed, Paris MoU informed.

Royal Arsenal crew still detained in Iraq one year after fatal collision

One year has passed since the fatal collision of the Handymax bulk carrier ‘Royal Arsenal’ with the diving support vessel ‘Al Misbar’, and her crew remain under detention at Umm Qasr, Iraq. After the accident, the ship returned to Umm Qasr for investigation, where she has been stuck since then along with 22 crew.

Two more vessels refused access to Paris MoU region

In its latest update, Paris MoU informed of two detentions in two general cargo ships, that took place in July in Russian ports. Both vessels are flying the  flag of Comoros which is black on the current Paris MoU WGB list. The period of the refusal of access will be 3 months.

Ship detained in Port Elizabeth for carrying dangerous cargo

South Africa has detained the Russian-flagged freighter ‘Lada’, after being informed that it was allegedly carrying illegal cargo of weaponry onboard. Namely, local media report that the ship was carrying explosives and arms worth about $3.5 million.

Eight foreign-flagged ships under detention in UK in July

Eight foreign-flagged ships were under detention in UK ports during July 2018, after failing PSC inspection, according to UK MCA. Namely, during July, there were three new detentions, while five vessels remained under detention from previous months. A total of four vessels remained under detention at the end of July.

Vessel detained for conducting illegal salvage of sunken ship

A UK Court convicted the Dutch company Friendship Offshore BV of conducting an unlicensed salvaging operation on a sunken merchant vessel named ‘SS Harrovian’ in 2016. The case was heard at Newcastle Crown Court on the 26 July 2018, in a prosecution brought by the UK Marine Management Organization.

Ships detained in Paris MoU during July

The Paris MoU has issued its list of detentions for July 2018, containing information about ships which were detained in the region during the month under review. The details of detentions are entered in the information system of the Paris MOU after the ship has been released.


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