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Ships detained in Paris MoU during May

The Paris MoU has issued its list of detentions for May 2018, containing information about ships which were detained in the region during the month under review. The details of detentions are entered in the information system of the Paris MOU after the ship has been released. In general, a ship is not released from detention before all necessary repairs have been made.

Paris MoU issues performance lists 2017

At its 51st meeting last month, Paris MoU approved the 2017 inspection results and adopted new performance lists for flags and Recognized Organizations, to take effect from 1 July 2018. This year’s White List has decreased by two, while Grey List and Black List have been increased by one respectively.

Ship detentions increase in Black Sea MoU in 2017

The Black Sea MoU issued its 2017 PSC Annual report, reporting a total of 283 detentions warranted to ships found with serious deficiencies. This represents a detention percentage of 5.54% which is 23.58% increase as compared with 229 detentions in 2016. A total of 5,112 inspections were conducted in 2017.

China detains 48 people and 7 ships for smuggling diesel fuel

The Chinese Coast Guard detained 48 people for smuggling diesel fuel allegations and seized seven ships along with 3,650 tonnes of fuel, authorities in China’s Jiangsu Province authorities informed earlier this week. The amount of the fuel that the Chinese Coast Guard seized is about 20 million yuan.

Seven foreign-flagged ships under detention in UK in May

Seven foreign-flagged ships were under detention in UK ports during May 2018, after failing PSC inspection, according to UK MCA. Namely, during May, there were four new detentions, while three vessels remained under detention from previous months. A total of four vessels remained under detention at the end of May.

Belize removes flag of world’s largest fish factory ship

The International Marine Registry of Belize stripped the Damanzaihao of its flag, after request of Sea Shepherd Legal, for failing to appropriately complete its vessel registration materials and notify Belize of its record of illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing. The move makes the vessel stateless.

AMSA bans cargo ship from entering Australian ports

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has banned the Philippines-flagged cargo ship “Thorco Luna”, as the ship was detained for a third time this year, because of consistently failing to meet international standards. The ship will not be permitted to enter any Australian port for a period of three months.

Six foreign-flagged ships under detention in UK in April

In its monthly update on ship detentions for April, the UK MCA announced that six foreign-flagged ships were under detention in UK ports during April 2018, after failing PSC inspection. There were two new detentions, while four vessels remained under detention from previous months. Three vessels remained under detention at the end of April.

Guidance on PSC and flag state detentions for Bahamian-flagged ships

The Bahamas Maritime Authority issued a bulletin advising the actions to be taken when Bahamian ships are subject to Port State or Flag State detention. The guidance is applicable to all Bahamian ships that have been detained by PSC authorities, including “Administrative” or preventative detentions.

Drugs found in container ship’s ventilation system in Panama

Panamanian authorities have seized a total of 208 packages containing drugs, hidden onboard a container ship’s ventilation system, while the vessel was in Colon, Panama, on 5 May. The ship was reportedly identified as the Liberian-flagged ‘Celina Star’, which was transiting Panama Canal.


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