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Australian Livestock Exporters urge for investigation on Portland incident

The Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council announced its strong endorsement for a full investigation into the circumstances which led to 4,327 cows being unloaded from the livestock carrier Jawan at Portland earlier this week. AMSA confirmed on Tuesday the vessel would not be cleared to sail with livestock on board.

US blacklisted Russian freighter stuck in Busan

The Russian freighter ‘Sevastopol’, is stranded in the South Korean port of Busan for over a month. The ships has been blacklisted by the US, as its owner has allegedly violated the sanctions. According to reports, local oil companies are reluctant to supply the ship with fuel.

Foreign-flagged ships detained in UK during October

Five foreign-flagged ships were under detention in UK ports during October 2018, after failing Port State Control (PSC) inspection, according to data provided by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). 

Ships detained in Paris MoU during October

The Paris MoU has issued its list of detentions for October 2018, containing information about ships which were detained in the region during the month under review.
The details of detentions are entered in the information system of the Paris MoU after the ship has been released.

Watch: Livestock carrier detained after seen rolling heavily

The Panamanian-flagged livestock carrier ‘Jawan’ was detained by Australian maritime authorities as the ship was seen rolling heavily from side to side, shortly after she departed from the Port of Portland in the early morning hours of 22 November. The vessel was carrying 4,327 cows that were no injured, but concerns were raised about its seaworthiness. 

New approach to effective detention of ships in Ukraine

The UK P&I Club issued updated information regarding the conditions of ship detentions in Ukraine. Citing information provided by local correspondents, Dias Marine Consulting, the Club said that the scheme implemented by the representatives of the Ecological Inspection to detain ships which refused to allow samples of segregated ballast, is abandoned at present.

General cargo ship refused access to Paris MoU region

The general cargo vessel M/V ‘Cerencan’ was detained for the third time in Port Azov, in Russia on 13 October 2018 and will be refused further access to any port and anchorage in the Paris MoU region. Because this is the first refusal of access order, the period of the refusal of access will be 3 months.

Stranded ‘Malaviya Twenty’ sets sail after two years in UK

The Indian-flagged offshore support vessel ‘Malaviya Twenty’ has set sail after being stranded for over two years in UK, due to legal implications. The vessel was detained by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency in June 2016 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, over unpaid port fees and crew wages.

Foreign-flagged ships detained in UK during September

Five foreign-flagged ships were under detention in UK ports during September 2018 after failing PSC, according to MCA. During September, there were two new detentions, while three vessels remained under detention from previous months. Three vessels remained under detention at the end of September.

Smuggling and ship detentions

At the last SAFETY4SEA Conference, Rod Lingard, Club Manager of the Hellenic Mutual War Risks Association (Bermuda) Limited, discussed ship detentions caused by smuggling. He particularly referred to a recent English Supreme Court decision, the insurance implications of the decision, as well as Loss Prevention measures.


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