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Suzhou deploys 177 electric boats to clean up water

Under a program to clean up its canals and waterways, the City of Suzhou in eastern China has commissioned 177 electric workboats, designed specifically to remove floating debris from the water. The river Suzhou Creek, which flows through the city to Shanghai, was once the most contaminated waterways in China.

Washington funds state ferries conversion to hybrid electric

Washington Governor signed the 2018 state transportation budget, which includes a US$600,000 research fund to Washington State Ferries, to explore conversion of three ferries in the state fleet from diesel to hybrid electric, up to 2019. The three selected vessels of the Jumbo Mark II Class consume 26% of the fuel in the WSF fleet.

First fully electric ferries to operate in Canada

The Government of Ontario has accepted Damen’s proposal to build two ferries with full electric propulsion, to operate in the Canadian waters of the Great Lakes. The vessels will be the first fully electric, non-cable vessels in Canada, estimated to reduce emissions by the equivalent of 7 million kg carbon dioxide per year.

New initiative to promote digitisation in inland shipping

Bremenports will take part in a project sponsored by the European Union to address how can inland shipping benefit from digitisation. The project is called #IWTS 2.0 and aims to promote innovative solutions for handling barge cargoes. The project also aims to strengthen the role of inland shipping in vocational training institutions.

New project to enhance the Danube – Black Sea region

A strategic document called General Vision 2040 is being developed to define the joint direction for the economic, regional and logistical development of the Danube – Black Sea region. The document wants to provide clear guidance for the future development of the region by presenting key objectives and operational goals.


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