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Port of Helsinki: Rethinking industry’s business model is vital

While the voting procedure for the 2019 GREEN4SEA Awards is open, Mr. Andreas Slotte, Head of Sustainable Development, Port of Helsinki, says that the port has been very active in sustainable development for which it has been nominated in the ‘Port’ category among other distinguished nominees. Mr Slotte notes that a ‘win-win situation’ where energy savings benefit both the environment and the income statement can be achieved; in this regard, change in mindset and the current business model are needed.

Asian Terminals seek expansion of port services

According to Asian Terminals Inc., they are seeking to expand their services beyond the international gateway ports in Manila and Batangas to improve logistics cycles for manufacturers, shippers and transporters in support of the country’s growing economy. The projects are to help the terminal accomplish greater operational synergies, helping the industry cope with logistic barriers and also enable them create growth opportunities in the future.

Port or Rotterdam, partners prepare Carbon Capture Usage and Storage project

Port of Rotterdam Authority, Gasunie and EBN are preparing a Carbon Capture Usage and Storage project, in which CO2 from industry will be transported to storage sites in depleted gas fields deep beneath the North Sea seabed. The three companies are cooperating on preparing this project, under the name Porthos: Port of Rotterdam CO₂ Transport Hub & Offshore Storage.

Port of Kalama issues contract for T-barge facility project

The Port of Kalama awarded the contract for the Port T-barge Facility Project to Bergerson Construction on December 2018. The project that will take place at the north end of the marina, will begin the following week. The project includes Washington sales tax, the removal of steel and timber piles and the placing of new steel piles to prepare for placement of the T-barge bought by the Port for the creation of a commercial dock space.

Jan De Nul to start key dredging works in Australia

The Pilbara Ports Authority will cooperate with Jan De Nul Group to dredge the channel and further improve the safe and sustainable access to the Port of Port Hedland. The project is part of the Channel Risk and Optimisation Project that aims to sustain the long-operation, development, and future growth of the port.

Ports of Piraeus, Venice and Chioggia to enhance cargo flows

The CEO of the Port Authority of Piraeus, Captain Fu Chengqiu and the President of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority, Pino Musolino, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on February 11, to enhance relations and cargo flows between the two ports. The memorandum also aims to improve the exchange of best practices and know-how in port management.

Three consortiums racing to construct dry port off Cairo

Three consortiums are currently competing to construct a dry port west of Cairo, with a worth of $100 million, according to the Egyptian finance ministry. The project will be a public-private collaboration between the General Authority For Ports and Dry Land and the consortium that will win. The Port will be built on about 104 acres in 6th of October City, a suburb of the capital.

Port of Cairns will accommodate larger cruise ships after dredging

Australia’s Port of Cairns will soon be ready to welcome larger cruise ships as the Queensland government announced an AUD 127 million contract for the dredging and construction works as part of the Cairns Shipping Development Project. The project aims to enable bigger vessels entering the port, and thus, increase the number of visiting cruise ships.

Agreement reached for European Maritime Single Window

On 8 February 2019 an agreement was reached between the European Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament, regarding the proposal to harmonize ship notifications in Europe, through the a European Maritime Single Window. The final text includes an agreement that provides security for Port Community Systems in relation to the public National Single Windows that have to act as a ‘mailbox’ for reports to authorities.

Vale’s terminal in Vitoria, Brazil closes

Brazil has closed a port terminal operated by miner Vale SA in Vitoria, in the southeastern state of Espirito Santo, Brazil. Specifically, Vitoria fined the company 35 million reais ($9.5 million) for throwing mining residues in the sea. Commenting on the development, Vitoria Mayor Luciano Rezende noted that ‘pollution cannot be justified by tax revenue any more’.


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